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High Heels, Foot Binding and Drugs

July 18, 2014

This may seem like an extreme statement – equating high heels with foot binding. But not necessarily. I have to accept an award in Washington in September for Excellence in Integrative Medicine and the whole operation entails tuxedos, gowns and high heels so my apprehension radar is in full gear!

Let’s face it, when you’re wearing 4-8 inch heels, you are basically tiptoeing around on toes that are jammed into the front of your shoes. As the blisters, corns, callouses and bunions develop, so does the chronic pain. And that’s just the feet. Your ankles, knees, hips and back all suffer from a ridiculously inappropriate posture that you have to assume to keep upright when tilted so far forward.

If you go to your doctor with your complaints of aches and pains, your doctor won’t think to tell you it’s because of your high heels. Instead you’ll be told that you’re suffering normal wear and tear on your joints and you’re developing arthritis! Chronic pain on your medical chart means repeat prescriptions for pain medication that lead to drug side effects, including severe magnesium deficiency.

How does that happen? Celebrex contains three fluoride molecules, which likely contribute to magnesium deficiency because fluoride binds to magnesium making it unavailable and the compound MgF2 is a brittle substance that deposits in bones and tendons. If you also develop gastric irritation and ulceration common with pain killers you will be given a drug like Prevacid, which has 3 fluoride molecules, further depleting magnesium. If you become depressed because of your pain, you will be offered Prozac (with 3 fluoride molecules) or Paxil (with 1 fluoride molecule).

The solution to high heel trauma is pretty simple – stop wearing them. Or at least cut down on the amount of time you’re tiptoeing around. Stretch your calf muscles by pointing your heel as opposed to pointing your toes when you wear high heels. Rub ReMag into your calves and feet and take ReMag orally. If you’re on pain medication add ReAline for a gentle detox.

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