Optimizing Your Magnesium

July 25, 2014

Even if you are in good health, magnesium will help. This is the conclusion of a 2014 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The researchers said “Daily magnesium oxide supplementation (300mg) for 12 weeks seems to improve physical performance in healthy elderly women. These findings suggest a role for magnesium supplementation in preventing or delaying the age-related decline in physical performance.”

That’s fantastic but did you notice what magnesium they used in the study? Magnesium oxide!!! The LEAST well absorbed magnesium on earth! It’s only 4% absorbed, yet the need for magnesium is so great in the human body, it still produced benefits!

So, even if doctors read that study, they are going to recommend the least effective magnesium. Sure, it will help to give a laxative effect to those who are constipated but it’s not going to do much for magnesium deficiency conditions and it won’t help overcome the magnesium drain caused by medications, fluoride in the water, sweating, stress and a dozen other causes of magnesium deficiency.

I’ve had many people tell me that their doctor’s answer to the laxative effect with magnesium oxide prescriptions is IV magnesium. But that option is fraught with problems and expense.

The wife of one of my clients reported the following “In September 2013 my husband’s PICC line came out for good as a result of another blood clot. We took a giant leap of faith against all of his doctors’ advice and he started on ReMag under the guidance of Dr. Dean. The results were immediate, his magnesium levels are testing higher on ReMag than they did on weekly IV infusions. My husband now has a quality of life he was told was not possible! And ReMag does not affect his bowels.

If you do want magnesium for it’s laxative effect, take some magnesium oxide but also take ReMag to get the magnesium into the cells where it can do the most good. Follow your levels with a Magnesium RBC blood test. You can get it without a doctor’s prescription at Request A Test. Aim for the optimum range of 6.0-6.5mg/dL. Don’t take magnesium the night before or the morning of the test. You can read more about the test in my ReMag book available for free on RnA ReSet under the FAQs. The book is called Invisible Minerals Part I. You can pick up Part II as well about ReMyte my multiple mineral formula.

Even though more people are learning about magnesium, they may not be taking the best form and they get discouraged because they get the laxative effect before they reach a therapeutic effect. And, as I mentioned, doctors don’t know enough about magnesium and the various forms to advise them. That’s why I keep writing and blogging and talking and answering questions to keep spreading the word and I’d like you to spread the word too!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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