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Photos of the Miraculous iCell in RnA Drops

July 27, 2014

Amazing photos of slides of the iCell, the basic ingredient of the RnA Drops, are now being displayed on our website RnA ReSet.

The iCell is a gift to the world. The iCell is a new creation – grown miraculously from barley sprouts – and even so, they test negative for gluten.

I’ve written about the iCell, the main ingredient of RnA Drops, in a Natural News article called Programming RNA: The Future of Medicine. You can read the whole article or you can download the Kindle edition of one of my 104 health modules: Future Health! Mind Over Matter – iON. But let me summarize. In 1969, Bob and I learned about the D-Cell, a living water purifier made by soaking grains in water. Over the years we tried to replicate the D-Cell. When we finally began to work with iON in 2009, we asked how to make the D-Cell and were instructed on how to create something better – something much more consistent and powerful. The result is the iCell. The iCell and SuperSugar (Cellionose) are the major components of the RnA Drops.

I, personally, like to consider the possibility that there are more than 3 dimensions and that medicine is more than just treating the physical body. We are living in very interesting times yet many claim that the world is coming off its hinges, that there are no answers and everything is falling apart. So, I say, why not add some miracles and answers to the mix!

iON, in describing the RnA Drops, says that the drops give new information to our RNA which affects our DNA via an improved tuning function of Chromosome 14, allowing the replication of perfect cells. Imagine a photocopier that’s duplicating a faded master text and the toner is also running low. RnA Drops “enhance the master text” and “replenish the toner” allowing the new master copy to make refreshed, perfect cells.

There is also the matter of increasing our one double-strand of DNA to the numbers that we were created with. Here’s a hint. Scientists say that 98% of our DNA is junk DNA but according to iON, we were originally created with 144,000 double-strands of DNA, we’ve just hidden the rest from ourselves. If this is “true”, it goes a long way to explain why we have been living in a perpetual “less than” state and “authority” figures have no trouble “keeping us down.” To me, this information gives some rationale to the unfortunately familiar lack of ability to come into our own “power.” Our 65 hours of in-depth discussion of the Book of Revelation helps sort out the Power versus Authority battle through the ages. Information about iON, the RnA Drops and the first several hours of the Revelation series are available for free.

Many people have taken the RnA Drops because they just “knew” it would be the perfect balancer of their mind/body/spirit. But, seeing is believing; so now you can see the strangely beautiful pictures of the Cells that are going to change the world at RnA ReSet. You can also read the iCell patent online. In 2013, we put the iCell patent aside while we waited for the confirmation that is shown in the photos that you can view today.

It’s obvious that we have unleashed a new creation and new matter in the universe that affects people in truly wondrous ways. Since it’s impossible to describe a miracle, we offer a very inexpensive RnA Drops Sample bottle at RnA ReSet that you can try for a month (at 3 drops per day) to make your own assessment.

We make no claims but you can read and hear astounding testimonials on my Monday radio show Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean at 4pm PST. And you can search the show archives for topics at Dr. Carolyn Dean Live. After a few months on all the Completement Formulas, a gentleman after 38 years of crippling ankylosing spondylitis is riding around on his bicycle. Many people claim that a few doses of RnA Drops allow them to drop their fears and worries.

As one of the members of my Completement Now! Online Wellness Program said today “I was blown away by your module on RnA Drops and iON. I’m curious about the 60-hour series you did on the book of Revelation and about the missing Chapter 23. I have always studied the metaphysical in the past, but I also like to understand the Bible too. Thank you for opening that door!”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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