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The Smart Woman’s Guide to Weight Loss Summit

July 30, 2014

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Women’s Wellness Coach, Michelle Greenman asked me to share my weight loss story along with 20 other guest speakers in her Weight Loss Summit. While I don’t have a personal weight loss story, I have the experience of over 45 years of working with people on their weight issues.

The summit runs from August 3-21. My talk is on Aug 13 and I focus on Yeast Overgrowth and Mineral Deficiency as the major causes of weight gain. I describe the cure: Treating yeast and supplying bioavailable minerals using ReMag, ReMyte and sea salt.

You’ll also benefit from a wide range of expertise from the other speakers and learn:

• Why diets don’t work in the long term and what to eat instead.
• What your weight gain is a symptom of.
• How stress in controlling your life and how to stop it.
• How to stop emotional and stress eating, and stop binging.
• How to heal your gut flora, reduce indigestion and heal leaky gut naturally.
• Why you are sabotaging your success.
• How to stop HIDING and start LIVING confidently.
• How to have a healthy relationship with food.
• How to get fit with fresh new routines to keep you motivated and challenged.
• A variety of different eating styles and yummy recipes to make your weight loss inevitable and easy!
• And much more!

Join us for this free event and discover the secrets you can do to have a body and life that you love!
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P.S. I am giving away a special gift to all those who register, one that will give you a clear step by step guide to how to breakthrough. Sign up here to get access to this amazing event today!

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Sign up for the free Sexyfit Summit now. The Summit runs from July 21- Aug 6 and my talk is on August 3rd.

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