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Adopt, Adapt and Survive

August 21, 2014

I had a very interesting conversation with a practitioner the other day. She said my approach to health, including the Total Body ReSet formulas, was the first she had experienced that sought to help people adapt to the changing environment. I guess I kind of knew that but to hear her express it was eye-opening.

I’ve seen far too many people who are taking drugs and taking supplements because they are afraid to Not take them. Doctors tell people their cholesterol will kill them if they don’t take statins. (Not True) And alternative medicine doctors often do the same with supplements – or the ad copy you read about supplements makes you feel “less than” if you don’t take every new product that comes along.

What should happen is that when you take something you feel better. That’s what happens with the Total Body ReSet formulas. You feel better and you want to keep feeling better. Some people may feel stirred up with ReMag, ReMyte and RnA drops because there is a level of detoxification going on – and we do want to dump toxins that we don’t need. The solution is to simply start slowly with these formulas and also add ReAline, which is a brilliant detoxifier.

People tell us that ReAline keeps them from getting hung over – so we know it’s supporting the liver’s detox pathways by making glutathione from the dl-methionine in the formula. I don’t recommend straight glutationine that pushes your body into an antioxidant position. There are reasons that your body oxidizes substances and with ReAline, I leave it up to our brilliant body to figure out how much glutathione it wants to make at any given time. ReAline also has taurine to support heart function and dozens of other biochemical processes. The methylated B’s provide methyl groups for – guess what? Methylation!

The 100% absorbed minerals in ReMag and ReMyte and the gentle yet effective detox provided by ReAline are the supportive elements for RnA Drops, the most unique formula I’ve ever encountered. RnA Drops are made from fermented barley – yet they are gluten free. They should have a high glucose content, yet they do not. They contain a new cell we call the iCell that helps our body make perfect cells that allow us to adapt to the new environment.

What we say about these perfect cells is that with a clean copy of DNA you don’t have to bring the negative messages of your “former life” into your new perfect cells. Each new cell can be scar-free, disease-free, pain-free because it is a new perfect cell. It’s the labyrinth of our mind that brings that old information into our new cells. The RnA Drops effectively help you circumvent your mind and your beliefs of aging and disease and allow you to live a long and healthy life in spite of the conditioning you may have.

I know these are strong statements I’m making but you can listen to my radio show and people that call in and express their amazement at their new lives and new bodies on the Total Body ReSet formulas. If you have come to the RnA ReSet website to get ReMag, please try the other products – pop a RnA Drops Sample bottle into your cart – which will add negligible shipping charges and determine for yourself if you are ready for MORE. More health more happiness that is our absolute birthright.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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