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Depression, It’s Biochemical & Personal

August 13, 2014

If you’re never been severely depressed, you have no way of knowing what it is really like. I was thrown into sudden menopause in New York when the director of our AIDS study died leaving me in charge and my Ontario Medical Board decided to attack me (in absentia). I was under a lot of stress so all my hormones crashed and I suffered severe hot flashes. But even worse, in the 30 seconds before a hot flash I would have an utter sense of impending doom that convinced me that life was not worth living. The moment the hot flash began the doom lifted completely. That’s when I knew without a doubt that depression can be biochemical. I also realized that some people have that impending doom feeling all the time, not just for 30 seconds.

Allopathic medicine thinks that depression is biochemical too but instead of using minerals and vitamins to treat the biochemistry, they use drugs that block or enhance brain neurotransmitters and hope for the best. The best these drugs can do is about 40% relief of mild to moderate depression. That’s less than the placebo effect. Also, these drugs can be very toxic. The most common medications for depression contain fluoride molecules that bind up magnesium and make it unavailable.

You can google my name and depression, I’ve written a lot about it and I know that people can recover from it without drugs. Here are a few examples:

“I have experienced the magnesium miracle, for 2 weeks and I feel better than I have ever felt before (I’m 42, male). I wouldn’t have believed it was possible with a simple mineral supplement. Addictions, depression, tinnitus, headaches, chronic fatigue and many more symptoms were improved by greater than 95% in 2 weeks!”

“Thank you for your continued posts. Your advice on magnesium has helped me conquer migraines and depression.”

“I was taking St John’s Wort for general bad/angry mood swings and mild depression, and Feverfew for headaches. A few weeks ago I realized that I haven’t been feeling short tempered: things that I know would have made me crazy and frustrated were seeming like no big deal. I’m smiling more, and have better focus and general good feeling all around! I’m very certain that the ReMag has helped enormously in this.”

Besides ReMag and ReMyte as the basic mineral building blocks and cofactors in metabolic processes, I recommend ReAline to detox the medications that you have taken in the past. ReAline will also help eliminate yeast toxins but a yeast free program is also advised. See the Yeast Connection website for more information. RnA Drops can help give you the bliss factor and detachment and wipe our the worry that feeds depression. For B and C and Vit D that are important for moods and emotions, go to my blog Dr. Dean’s Supplement Recommendations.

There is definitely hope for people with anxiety and depression; the foundation for treatment lies in simple nutrients and a yeast detox. If you know someone who is depressed, make sure they hear this message. And go to RnA ReSet on Facebook and share your story.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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