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Federal Food Fight

August 28, 2014

In the beginning months of Obama’s first term, Michelle Obama wanted to make a difference in the rising incidence of obesity in children. I describe her efforts to make an organic garden on the White House Lawn in an April 2009 blog: “The War on Home Grown Tarragon.”

In that war she drew fire from Big Agra for implying that “crop protection products” were not needed on the American farm. Now, even though many nutritionists and parents are fans of her attempts to cut back on sugars and trans fats in the schools the kids are rebelling! They don’t like the fact that asparagus is replacing their French fries! The empty vending machines remind them of the sodas and junk food they are missing and they are threatening to go on a hunger strike! And with their smart phones and social media savvy they are taking their fight to Twitter via a new hashtag: #BringBackOurSnacks.

That’s right folks, you waited too long to educate your kids and grandkids about the harm in junk food. Here’s what happened. As the economy got tight, both parents had to work full time and the fast food industry blossomed to fill in the gap of missed family meals. The food wasn’t that great but at least the kids were eating and the parental guilt of being away from home translated into lenience on sodas, treats and sweets. Now the kids have their decaying sweet tooth firmly planted in their jaw and they don’t want to lose it.

This is what I recommend. Start watching videos with your kids: Fed Up; Supersize Me; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead are the top three to start with. Next, give your kids a junk food binge day. But they earn it by avoiding all junk food for 6 days before that. Then on Saturday they can eat what they want – and recover on Sunday before school. It’s the best way to get kids to experience how they feel without junk and then feel the headache, nausea, aches, pains and irritability when loaded with junk food.

As I’ve said many times, even if you do eat well and even if you do eat organic, you aren’t going to get the nutrients you need unless the farmer remineralizes the earth. Both adults and kids require supplements. Children can take ReMag and ReMyte at half the adult dose and begin to build up their minerals. (Put the minerals in water or a smoothie or juice.) With the proper mineral nutrition you will find kids sleep better, are less irritable, can focus and concentrate and may even appreciate what Michele Obama is trying to do for their health.

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