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Magnesium: A Natural Statin

August 22, 2014

A reader thanked me for my earlier blog: “Statins Make Women Stupid” and sent me her story.

“I was on Zocor but stopped it last fall because of all the bad press about it including transient global amnesia. I felt my ‘oldtimers’ was worse (I’m 65) and it was concerning me.

About a month ago, my physician strongly suggested I go back on it because my lipid profile worsened after I stopped the Zocor.

Since restarting it, my brain is ‘heavy’, cloudy and I have mild headaches again that I hadn’t had since menopause. The worst is the mornings. I have to lie in bed for about half an hour ‘waking up’ because of the heaviness in my head. In the night, if I get up to the bathroom, I have to be careful because my balance is off a bit. I’m also fatigued. I think about taking naps in the day (but don’t) which I never thought of when I was off the statin.

I do take Magnesium, thanks to you and your emails/website. I’ve passed on your advice/emails/website to friends that I hope can benefit from magnesium.”

She asked if I’d heard the hour long Podcast by Jimmy Moore with Dr. Duane Graveline a former NASA Scientist/Astronaut. Graveline prescribed statins for years and ended up on them himself and has had at least two episodes of transient global amnesia.

My recommendations for treating high cholesterol begin with understanding that cholesterol is necessary for the brain and hormones; it is not the cause of heart disease and it is not dangerous at levels above 200. When I was in medical school the average cholesterol was 240. The week before testing your cholesterol, don’t eat meat, sugar or dairy for one week and your levels will go down naturally. To treat high cholesterol, take the Total Body ReSet formulas to help your body utilize cholesterol properly.

ReMag: magnesium is a natural statin and keeps cholesterol under control.
ReMyte: supports thyroid function, improves metabolism and utilizes cholesterol keeping it from becoming elevated.
ReAline: is a precursor for glutathione the body’s most important antioxidant. Since cholesterol can be pulled into service as an antioxidant, if you have enough glutathione, you won’t need to make more cholesterol to do that job. ReAline also has a sulfur amino acid and methylated B vitamins. Sulfur and methyl groups are both important for the liver detox pathways.
RnA Drops: this unique formula makes perfect cells that make the perfect amount of cholesterol for your body.

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