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Sexyfit Summit – Time to get Involved with Your Body

August 2, 2014

As you may have read in previous blogs, I’ve been binging on Summits this year. I think I’m up to 10 summits in 2014. My Sexyfit Guest Interview runs tomorrow, August 3, 2014. When you listen to it, most of what I say will be familiar because after over 45 years of studying health I’ve narrowed down the health challenges that we all face.

They will seem complex to you with your dozens of symptoms and inability to get relief or have anyone listen to you. But really, it boils down to lack of minerals, yeast overgrowth and B complex and C complex deficiency and the requirement for a food source of Vit D, A and K2 from fermented cod liver oil and butter oil. See my blog: Dr. Dean’s Supplement Recommendations.

That’s the scenario I run into constantly in my consulting practice. And it is a treatable scenario. I go into all this on the Sexyfit Summit. To balance your hormones to be sexy and to get your energy to be fit, you have to look at yeast overgrowth and mineral deficiency. See my blogs Balancing Thyroid and Adrenals and Your Thyroid Needs 9 Minerals. Free books for both these minerals are under the FAQ section of RnA ReSet.

Most of you glance at my emails and say “I know all this.” Yes, you may “know” it intellectually, but have you applied it physically and seen the mental/emotional and physical benefits? You may be one of the countless people that say you’ve been reading my books and blogs for years and finally decided to try my ReMag magnesium! You will take another several months to add ReMyte.

Then, you may go for your annual physical and your doctor finds your cholesterol is a few points above 200mg/dL and you doctor scares you into taking a statin drug. Within a few weeks you feel achy and tired and irritable and wonder if it’s the statin. But if you tell your family or the doctor you don’t want to take this drug because you feel worse on it – everyone gangs up on you to force you to continue the drug.

Please don’t be bullied into taking a drug – especially one of the statins with a fluoride molecule (check out the formula on wiki) which depletes your magnesium. Reread the cholesterol section in my Magnesium Miracle book and realize that while statins may artificially knock down cholesterol by killing an important enzyme in the body, they don’t extend life – in fact you die sooner on statins – probably because they trash your magnesium.

Time’s a wasting and your health cannot benefit from words alone. Take the mineral challenge and start your ReMag and ReMyte; you will see the amazing shifts and changes in your body. These minerals are unlike any others that you have taken – you actually do notice a difference with them. Then add ReAline for a gentle detox and RnA Drops when you are ready for even more amazing shifts.

Listen to all the details of my approach to balancing weight, hormones, energy and more in the Sexyfit Summit tomorrow.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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