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Statins Make Women Stupid

August 15, 2014

I plucked the following out of my Death by Modern Medicine book that I’m busy editing with a little help from my friends.

Using some of the strongest language I’ve read from a hospital-based physician Dr. Orli Etingin, Vice Chairman of Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospitals, speaking about Lipitor, announced that “This drug makes women stupid.” In the Wall Street Journal article, Etingin said, “I’ve seen this in maybe two dozen patients,” but covered herself by saying, “This is just observational, of course. We really need more studies, particularly on cognitive effects and women.”

Of course, Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of Lipitor with revenues of $12.6 billion in 2007, says that there is no association of memory problems with their drug. However, further in the article, there was mention that “the brain is largely cholesterol, much of it in the myelin sheaths that insulate nerve cells and in the synapses that transmit nerve impulses. Lowering cholesterol could slow the connections that facilitate thought and memory. Statins may also lead to the formation of abnormal proteins seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.”

Lipitor destroys the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme that makes cholesterol in the body. And cholesterol needs to be made because it’s the building block for all the hormones in the body and it coats each cell in the brain and body with a fatty layer. Without enough cholesterol to protect the brain neurons, you may experience problems with cognition and symptoms of senility and Alzheimer’s.

When I was in medical school in the mid 70s, the average cholesterol was 240 and there was far less heart disease. Now doctors jump on the statin bandwagon and terrorize you into taking a statin drug if your cholesterol inches above the 200 mark. If you’ve read my Magnesium Miracle or Death by Modern Medicine books you know that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. Even the heart specialists are saying heart disease is caused by inflammation and they are busy looking for an anti-inflammatory that doesn’t cause gastrointestinal bleeding! Of course they are missing the important point that magnesium is the most powerful and safest anti-inflammatory. It’s also natural statin, so that if you are producing too much cholesterol, magnesium regulates your HMG-CoA reductase naturally.

The best form of magnesium that readily crosses the blood brain barrier is ReMag. I’ve been asked about the newest magnesium on the block—Magnesium Threonate (Magtein). The makers of Magtein are on record as saying theirs is the only magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier. However, that is definitely NOT an accurate statement. The treatment of migraines, seizures, stroke, head injuries and other nervous system problems with even the highly unabsorbed magnesium oxide (at 4%) shows that all magnesiums work at the neuron level, which means they all get into the brain to some extent. The animal study using a Magtein obscures the reality that probably any magnesium would produce some of these effects. The study compares several magnesiums for absorption and says Mag L-T is absorbed into the brain more than others but fails to state the actual amounts. More in science can mean 5% more. Personally, when I take Mag L-T, I get the laxative effect, which means to me that it’s not fully absorbed at the cellular level like ReMag, From a quick Google search I see that that Mag L-T is a patented product, thus this animal study is being used for promotion of a commercial product. Therefore every opportunity is used to say it’s better than the competition making people feel that if they don’t take this one, they are not getting any benefit from others. In August 2013, I heard from a supplier of Mag L-T that “ there has been a vendor price increase, up to 400% for magnesium threonate. Create the demand and then raise the price is the name of the game.

ReMag is important for balancing cholesterol and the brain but don’t forget to detox with ReAline and make sure you have ReMyte to support your thyroid, which is important in heart function and cholesterol balance. And if you add sample bottle of RnA Drops to an existing order, you will likely pay no extra shipping.

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