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Coming to a Pharmacy Near You: Epigenetic Drugs

September 2, 2014

Scientists are getting more interested in epigenetics – the science of the environment that influences gene expression. In a Medscape Medical News article one doctor said “We still don’t know very much about exactly which factors are involved or how those interactions and the coordination of gene expression across the genome work.” But that small detail doesn’t stop researchers from trying to find drugs that influence genes. In one epigenetic study they say that “With epigenetic drugs, it is possible to reverse aberrant gene expression profiles associated with different disease states. Several epigenetic drugs targeting DNA methylation and histone deacetylation enzymes have been tested in clinical trials.”

I won’t drone on and on about the insanity of looking for DRUGS to manipulate genes but just remind you that vitamins and minerals are the main epigenetic triggers. Yes, look no further than magnesium as ReMag as the most important one. The minerals in ReMyte are next. Then there are the methylated B vitamins in ReAline. To complete the story is the iCell, the main component of the RnA Drops. Here are the words from the iCell Patent.

“The iCell process enhances the production of trimethyllysine, a necessary component in the transport and breakdown of lipids. Trimethyllysine is a component of histone proteins; a precursor of carnitine; and the coenzyme of fatty acid oxidation.”

I talked about carnitine just yesterday (Sept 1, 2014) on my Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean radio show as part of a “deconstruction” of the allopathic and alternative treatment of heart disease. You can hear this valuable show in the archives at the above link as I tell you the most effective nutrients you need to take care of your heart.

If I did rant about the inappropriate search for drugs to solve a nutrient deficiency problem, I’d say, once again, that you are on your own when it comes to staying healthy and staying out of hospital.

I’m leaving for Washington tomorrow to receive an “Excellence in Integrative Medicine Award.” The event will be attended by “Members of Congress; Executives in the food, dietary supplement, and over-the-counter drug industries; Scientists and Integrative Medicine practitioners from around the world; prominent D.C. area constitutional and administrative lawyers; public policy leaders from across the nation, and prominent journalists in the health and general media.” We will all rub shoulders and hopefully shine some light on the necessity for the Integrative Medicine approach. But I’ve done this before and don’t hold out much hope for any legislative action. It was 10 years when I visited Ottawa and Washington and meet directly with senators and congressmen and found no traction for natural medicine at all. Unfortunately politics is inextricably mired in the mud with the drug industry, whose mission it is to maintain their monopoly on disease-care.

Over the years I’ve tried to educate with words and I still do my one-on-one consulting. My Magnesium Miracle book is changing lives because it tells people why they need to take magnesium. Lately, because the words are just not enough, I’ve gotten more proactive about providing the best absorbed magnesium with ReMag and the best absorbed multiple mineral with ReMyte, the best and most gentle detox with ReAline and the incredible mind/body support with RnA Drops. They all work in the Total Body ReSet Process to bring you back your mind and body health and vitality and help keep you beyond the reach of drugs and hospitals. It’s up to you what you choose, but at least now you have a choice.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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