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Rewire Your Brain To Think Thin Summit

September 18, 2014

Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin is the 10th Summit I’ve done this year and it’s a free series of interviews with top specialists in weight loss.

Host Marna Goldstein Thall takes a different approach to weight loss than most. She’s focusing on how to Rewire Your Brain so that it doesn’t get in the way of your desire to lose weight. Of course when I was interviewed I said that magnesium is the most well known tool to help rewire your brain.

Byron Richards wrote that in a 2011 study, researchers found that Magnesium Improves Fear Conditions. Elevated brain levels of magnesium induce the production of BDNF, a brain rejuvenation compound. This leads to an increase in synaptic plasticity (malleability), enabling, for example, a learned fear response to actually change. Emotional experiences contribute to future behavior and are influenced by fear or anxiety. Intense painful experiences can lead to an overheated brain stem and limbic system. But, elevating brain levels of magnesium can help undo the bad programming and help create new brain response patterns not influenced by fear or anxiety. There is no need to get stuck in a rut. Fear and anxiety erect obstacles that interfere with the quality of life and willingness to do new things. Magnesium is a potent anti-inflammatory mineral, which eliminates brain irritation that can cause behavioral changes. Magnesium also helps make energy in the brain. The fact that magnesium is able to assist in the rewiring of past memories is good news for any person who is tired of listening to their old tapes play at the most inopportune times.

A highly absorbed form of magnesium like my ReMag will cross the blood brain barrier. However, people with a history of trauma and toxicity should introduce magnesium very slowly because as magnesium enters cells it will force heavy metals and foreign chemicals out of the cells and perhaps cause a detox or healing reaction. However, magnesium is needed by all the detoxification pathways of the liver so it’s crucial to take magnesium when you are going on a weight loss program. People who lose weight can feel more toxic if they don’t have enough magnesium to assist.

Another aspect of weight loss that I spoke about on the Thin Within Summit is the need for healthy thyroid function. To achieve that I recommend ReMyte, a highly absorbed multiple mineral with 12 minerals including iodine, selenium and the half dozen minerals required by the thyroid to perform its functions.

A big part of the Thin Within Summit is how to use your thoughts and emotions to make losing weight easier and more automatic. Various guest speakers will talk about NLP, EFT, Access Therapy, TBR, Neuro Nutrition, guided meditations, and hypnotherapy. However I think our RnA Drops cut to the chase giving you “Bliss in a Bottle.” Countless people have said that when they take the RnA Drops they stop worrying; the labyrinth of the mind stops spinning endless scenarios of self doubt; you wake up each day as a new person with new cells and don’t bring your past into your new life. Listening to the words of iON will also help remind you of that you are in charge and you create your own reality.

In summary: Sign up for the free summit: Rewire Your Brain to Think Thin. And:

1. Listen to Studio B on Achieve Radio for 24/7 Radio Free iON.

2. Take the Total Body ReSet formulas: RnA Drops, ReAline, ReMag, ReMyte and ReNew.

3. Get Happy and Get Healthy and your joy will spill over to others.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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