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Before Magnesium I Was A Wreck

October 29, 2014

The following report is from a 34-year old client and mother of two young teens. She told me that before she started taking magnesium she was a wreck. She gave me permission to share her story in hopes that it will help people to understand the benefits of magnesium.

People of all ages experience these same symptoms, but if you treat them with medications and not magnesium, by the time you are 50 or 60 you’ve added drug side effects, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid fatigue and menopausal symptoms. These symptoms are still treatable with my Total Body ReSet formulas, but a far better solution is early treatment and prevention.

My client says:

In 2014 all the stress in my life finally caught up with me. Being an overly worried mom, school volunteer, perfectionist wife, people pleaser, business owner w/ husband and everyone’s go-to-person took me over the edge.

Panic attacks and anxiety were in full swing and it just got worse. Before all this I was very confident and strong willed and could do anything and drive anywhere. One day, supposedly “out of the blue” I had a panic attack on the road driving and it scared me so much that I was afraid it would happen again and the fear overwhelmed me and created a mass of episodes daily.

These are the things I could no longer do:
* be around groups of people
* eat at restaurants
* leave the house
* drive far distances or even wait for over 5 minutes in a car without panicking.. The heat made it worse.
* go to work
* watch anything bad on TV or hear bad stories…
* sit for more than 10 minutes watching TV without twitching
* go to the store or movies

I became afraid of Western Doctors. I still am due to pill pushers trying to make me take drugs. I was scared to take anything new (vitamins and supplements). I was actually afraid they might kill me.

Body effects Daily from anxiety and panic attacks:
* Insomnia
* Twitching-shoulders, legs, eyes, face, feet other body parts
* Head scratching/picking from nerves
* A sense of ready to jump out of my skin and ready to lose it
* Stomach issues- indigestion, fullness with little food, pain, choking feeling and gagging
* Weird head sensations and burning
* Numbness and tingling in face and extremities
* Sharp pains in the back between shoulder blades
* Sensitivity to heat
* Lack of appetite
* Afraid I was going to die daily and never going to get better
* Loss of muscle strength
* Bad/fear thoughts
* Nightmares
* Loss of weight due to lack of appetite
* Easy bruising
* Everything frustrated me
* Crying easily

There were other symptoms that are hard to just put in a few words. I would wake up from a  deep sleep with panic and gasp for air thinking this is it, I’m dying because I couldn’t catch my breath. I could be shaking so badly from the anxiety that my joints would tighten up; I couldn’t move and I would be frozen cold. I would have my husband hold me to calm me down and warm me up. When I was really bad, I had insomnia where I would fall asleep and 10-15 min later I would jolt awake. This would happen over and over for hours and hours. I also had what I call a Nervous Bladder where I would want to go to the bathroom and couldn’t or I would go a lot but only produce small amounts of urine.

I became a research queen and prayed a whole lot and I feel like the higher power lead me to Magnesium. Before I knew it, Magnesium was everywhere I looked, on books, on covers of magazines where I went, on and on and I took it as a sign. The final kicker was when I was on the internet researching natural solutions and I ran across a man who was referring people to the Magnesium Miracle book by Dr. Dean because he said it is a miracle.

I emailed him, he replied and told me how his over 25 yrs. of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts ended by the miracle of Magnesium. It was a major sign, the man is a NASA scientist and I believed him – we still keep in touch.

All through this time all the doctors just wanted me to be on Paxil or Celexa. I tried them and they made me feel worse. Dr. Dean later warned me that they both contain fluoride. Doctors told me I had an anxiety disorder and it will NEVER go away. No wonder I was terrified of them. I was hopeless and they gave me no hope.

I had a consult with Dr. Dean and started her ReMag (magnesium) at a snail’s pace because I was still terrified of everything killing me – but she told me that even a few drops would begin helping and they did and I increased my dose over time. The symptoms disappeared day-by-day and week-by-week.

I also took Vitamin C complex and B complex from Grown by Nature. I incorporated getting outdoors as much as possible, looking at nature and daily meditation/contemplation. I realized I had to slow down and look at my life in a different way. I even felt I had to eliminate the negative people from my life and focus on what I love and enjoy

Now, when symptoms creep up, I can pin point what I have done to cause my magnesium deficiency and simply increase it. I also too the advice of a dear friend who said “Just know that you will get better.”

My client shared her story with me and I’m sharing it with you. Please pass it on to all your friends and share it with health forums and health clubs. Besides my ReMag I recommend my 100% absorbed multiple mineral, ReMyte to my clients and ReAline for a safe detoxifier and RnA Drops for helping make perfect cells.

I make no apologies for recommending my own Total Body ReSet formulas. I do that because they work so well. ReMag is much better than all other magnesium products because it is 100% absorbed at the cellular level; it helps detox cells and turn on 700-800 different enzyme systems in the body that give us energy during the day and sleep at night! Read much more in my free eBooks Invisible Minerals Part I and Part II at RnA ReSet under the FAQs.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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