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Fructose Increases Kidney Calcification

October 11, 2014

In my 2014 edition of Magnesium Miracle, I mention that 1 molecule of table sugar (sucrose) requires 28 molecules of magnesium in order to metabolize it. However, fructose (fruit sugar) strips the body of 56 molecules of magnesium. Well, the validation of that statement is in the following study: “The Interaction Between Dietary Fructose and Magnesium Adversely Affects Macromineral Homeostasis in Men.”

Very simply, this study found that high dietary fructose significantly increases kidney calcification in both male and female rats, which was even worse when dietary magnesium was low. The researchers said that in future studies they will assess whether a high fructose diet along with low dietary magnesium and marginal calcium leads to bone loss.

But they don’t realize that fructose causes magnesium deficiency and that’s what causes the calcification because there isn’t enough magnesium to dissolve.

My blog Death by Sugar references the work of Dr. Robert Lustig and his video showing the dangers of high fructose corn syrup sweeteners. Lustig blames HFCS for the surge in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. He doesn’t mention magnesium deficiency as a factor.

You might think that I’m saying it’s all about magnesium – and Lustig is trying to say it’s all about HFCS. However, my case relies on the fact that magnesium is responsible for the function of 700-800 enzyme systems in the body and when it is deficient, the body suffers on many levels.

Every study I read about magnesium reinforces its importance, which the scientists themselves don’t even seem to realize. That’s why I keep reporting on these scientific studies and drawing broader conclusions that hopefully help you to see the necessity of continuing to take your magnesium and of recommending it to everyone you know!

To learn why more about why the kidneys require magnesium read: Kidney Disease Requires Magnesium and use ReMag for the best form to treat kidney disease.

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