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Magnesium for Anxiety Encore

November 14, 2014

Trudy Scott’s Anxiety Summit is a resounding success. There is an encore presentation featuring nine of her best guest interviews on Sat Nov 14 through Mon Nov 16. My encore is on Monday Nov 16th. Of course I talk about magnesium and how it alleviates anxiety. Several people, including Trudy, discuss the impact of food on mood. Sugar and simple carbs are the biggest triggers for anxiety. You eat sugary foods and your blood sugar quickly rises and falls just as fast. As it drops, the adrenal glands release adrenalin to bring the blood sugar back up. That adrenaline also elevates your pulse and makes you feel anxious. And, if your heart muscle is low in magnesium, you can have heart palpitations. You really don’t know what your blood sugar is doing so you blame your anxiety on stress. Metabolizing carbs puts a big drain on magnesium. You can read the following statistic in my Magnesium Miracle book: “…28 atoms of magnesium are required to process one molecule of glucose. If you are trying to break down a molecule of fructose, you need 56 atoms of magnesium.” Sugarholics are magnesium deficient.You may think I just focus on one thing in my talk, but my ReMag and the other Total Body ReSet formulas treat many aspects of anxiety. For example, there were interviews about balancing the adrenals and thyroid. I recommend my ReMag and ReMyte and sea salt in water to accomplish hormone balance. Several speakers mentioned the need for liver cleansing, yeast treatment and mercury detoxification. I recommend my ReAline to support liver detox and to help eliminate yeast toxins and heavy metals. RnA Drops alone can help gain detachment from your gramophone thoughts and fears.

I find myself saying over and over – please start your health program by saturating yourself with magnesium first. I was not able to talk about my product on my recent NPR show and there are many questions on the People’s Pharmacy site from people asking what form of magnesium to take. So, in my blogs I make no apologies about recommending ReMag since it’s the most concentrated, best absorbed and most therapeutic magnesium that I have ever found. It along with the other Total Body ReSet formulas are changing lives every day.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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