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Magnesium Turns On The Will To Live

November 12, 2014

I would like to thank the hundreds of people from Trudy Scott’s Anxiety Summit who signed up for my newsletter. The Summit hasn’t finished yet, so you can still join. Anxiety is a condition that rarely has outward manifestations as people suffer in silence or suffer in their own homes, afraid to venture outside and risk a panic attack. Today’s blog is about anxiety. It features a very moving testimonial from a woman who overcame her severe anxiety using magnesium.“I would like to add my name to the long list of grateful users of your effective magnesium product – ReMag. I am a 68-year old female. I had always thought I needed magnesium, but had negative reactions and little improvement with the magnesium supplements available for the last half-century. In a most recent attempt, I tried your ReMag and the initial reaction was leg cramps that kept me up at night. I stopped taking the ReMag and therefore, made zero inroads into all the many symptoms of magnesium deficiency I was experiencing. But I stayed on your emailed newsletter.

Then somewhere you mentioned putting the ReMag in water and sipping throughout the day. This was the trick! First of all, I never took a sufficient amount of ReMag by taking it all at once, so I did not get any positive response. Secondly, taking it all day in water has helped remind me about water consumption (dehydration has always been my default), so I solved two problems at once. Then the real benefits exploded onto my consciousness!

I have lifelong issues caused by multiple TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) that have nearly totally taken over my brain, mood, cognition, consciousness, relationships, performance, productivity, etc. with its many manifestations including organic depression and the often concurring demon – Anxiety.

I had come to understand the symptoms of anxiety as much worse than those of depression because anxiety is so much more than an inability to get up and do something that might have a positive impact on oneself – this is classic depression. What anxiety does is to put the nail in your coffin in terms of self-healing because anxiety prevents you from ever arriving at the something you could do! Anxiety causes me to wander around at a snail’s pace before sinking back into bed, to never be capable of making a decision about that object in my hand or across the room (glass of water, phone calls to respond to, music button to push, curtains to open up). I remain in an immobilized, indecisive state of total loss of any conscious thinking. Anxiety is totally immune to the influence of your own self-motivating efforts.

As I went through the various approaches to how to maximize my healing, I once again tried ReMag and this time using my new method – drinking the maximum dose throughout the day, and doing it religiously. The Bottom Line is This: My Lifelong Anxiety has nearly completely disappeared.

This single most important discovery trumps all the other wonderful things I have figured out about cancers and diet and supplements because it gave me back my will to live. There is a big difference between having no will to live and having a will to die. Magnesium deficiency and the anxiety it caused in me had created the obsession to die – will to die is exponentially worse than lack of will to live.

I think magnesium turned off the will to die because it removed the faulty wiring caused by my TBI’s, and the evidence is that for the first time in my life, I walk through my day with this veil of anxiety removed – the entire world looks different, my thoughts are totally different, and every day I discover another connection in terms of the many body functions which were impaired or not happening at all, due to functional magnesium deficiency. Its like being color blind to the color red – you can try to explain the color red to this person, but without them actually experiencing “red” they cannot grasp it. Conversely, when the anxiety was gone, many things – moment by moment – happen in my conscious awareness of something that was not there, or being blocked, or was so impaired that I could not experience it enough to understand that body signal trying to alert me to the magnesium deficiency because there is something mysterious and magical and holy about this missing link in my bio-electrical system. Magnesium is a kind of holy medicine that brings my psycho-spiritual health back in ways I did not know I was missing.

I think the method of producing your ReMag is unique enough to make the difference in a very hard-to-treat person with multiple broken systems – me.”

I thank the writer of this statement for her eloquent expression of symptoms that too many people are experiencing these days. I hope her words will motivate you enough to begin taking magnesium and improve your life. The best resource for learning more about magnesium is my ReMag book. I also encourage you to take ReMyte – my multiple mineral product and add sea salt to your drinking water. All that information is in my ReMag and ReMyte books – both free at RnAReSet.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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