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An Epidemic of Doctor Suicides

December 30, 2014

Doctors are dissatisfied, patients are dissatisfied and they are both dying because nobody is paying attention to the cause of their discontent. In my Death by Modern Medicine 3rd Edition, I say iatrogenic medicine is causing over a million premature deaths annually. According to Dr. Pamela Wible (that’s pronounced Bible without the B) doctors are opting out of this mayhem by committing suicide.

I associate Bible with Dr. Wible because she’s pretty much a saint in the way she practices “ideal medical care” and mentors other doctors and clinics to do the same.

I’m feeling quite at home reading Dr. Wible’s “Pet Goats and Pap Smears” because her clinic so much resembles the one I ran from 1979-1992.

When a patient complains to Dr. Wible about a surgeon saying: “This guy didn’t listen, never even looked me in the eyes, didn’t act like he even cared! What’s with all these rich, arrogant doctors these days?”

Dr. Wible explains to him that “Physicians are good people who are victimized. They’re overwhelmed and exhausted. It starts in school with dehumanizing and barbaric animal experiments. Everyone in my medical school class had to kill a dog to graduate! Add the sleepless nights on call and the economic stranglehold. Do you realize med students graduate with over $200,000 in student loans? Then, when they graduate they’re funneled into assembly-line clinics. After all the abuse, doctors are emotionally and spiritually disconnected from themselves and their patients. It’s tragic. No wonder we lose a doctor with each day to suicide and sixty percent of doctors want to quit.”

Dr. Wible went to medical school in the mid 90’s I went in the mid 70’s. Thank goodness I wasn’t required to kill a dog in my training – I would have refused, just like Pamela did. I also refused to give chemotherapy, do abortions on women I’d never even met, and pull the plug on patients. I didn’t stage a sit in or go on strike, I just told the nurses not to call me for any of those procedures. I respected the nursing staff and they respected me, so I somehow escaped with my soul intact.

Direct action was how I handled an incident in the first week of first year medicine. A lecturer used nude female slides to keep his mostly male audience awake. The 33 women out of 100 students (and some men) were shocked. I didn’t know anyone in my class so I immediately went out and bought a Playgirl Magazine and had several nude male slides made and put them in that same lecturer’s slide carousel for his next lecture. With the first nude male slide he grabbed his briefcase and ran from the auditorium to great laughter and hilarity. Overnight all the nude female pictures in anatomy labs and all over campus disappeared.

Dr. Wible is right about the doctors graduating with so much debt that they have to immediately go into assembly line medicine and toe the line so they don’t lose their license. I’m sure the figures are closer to $500,000 owing. I had a couple of doctors come to work with me but they all left because they couldn’t make enough money in a practice consisting of extremely complex patients who required 30-60 minute appointments.

The work that Dr. Wible is doing is wonderful and she has developed a following of doctors and clinics. But she has set herself a near-impossible task if, you the public, don’t do your part. To change medicine at this point is like trying to clean up a dirty closet in a very large house. The closet is the inhumane assembly-line of current allopathic health care with all the drugs and surgery and technology that money can buy. The whole house offers the limitless possibilities of offering people ethical and humane alternatives and it’s the whole house that we want to occupy.

Dr. Wible has a tremendous amount of commonsense, and as she told me in private communication, she routinely weans patients off high blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds. Her goal is to remove patients from allopathic drugs and rely on nutrition and lifestyle changes whenever possible.

As Dr. Wible courageously, and with great humor, does her part to improve health care, my message doesn’t waiver – take responsibility for your own health. Join my Completement Now Online Wellness Program and take Total Body ReSet formulas so you can avoid drugs and hospitals in 2015.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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