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Sugar Leads To Addiction

December 16, 2014

‘Tis the season to eat sugar. I admit that I am a sugar addict. I don’t indulge often, but when I do, I make up for lost time and really go overboard. I barely sleep after I binge because I’m so revved up and I could float away with all the gas in my gut. I can wake up with a headache, a twinge in my low back, achy muscles and I feel decidedly hungover. Dr. Abram Hoffer, the founder of Orthomolecular Medicine along with Linus Pauling said that “Sugar is an addiction far stronger than what we see with heroin. It is the basic addictive substance from which all other addictions flow. Refined sugar and all refined foods such as polished rice, white flour and the like, are nothing less than legalized poisons.”Who knew that a craving for sweets can lead to other cravings and other addictions like alcohol, cocaine and heroin. That may sound a bit strong but much is made of the fact that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are synonymous with heavily sweetened coffee and pastries.

Then there is the fact that sugar enhances the growth of yeast/Candida in the intestines. Yeast produces 178 different yeast toxins – alcohol and acetaldehyde (the hangover chemical) are two of the most toxic. So, by eating sugar that feeds intestinal yeast, you have your own still in your gut.

How am I going to work magnesium into this discussion you ask? Well, it turns out that sugar causes magnesium deficiency because 28 molecules of magnesium are required to metabolize one molecule of sucrose (table sugar) and 56 molecules are required to metabolize one molecule of fructose.

And magnesium is a necessary factor for the breakdown of acetaldehyde.

If you don’t have enough magnesium you can develop a mild form of Auto-Brewery Syndrome that may be misdiagnosed as depression or chronic fatigue.

The antidotes to sugar and alcohol are ReMag, Vitamin C and my ReAline. Although I’m not promoting excessive alcohol consumption, I’m getting reports that a few ReAline after drinking does help alcohol liver detoxification.

If you indulge over the holidays, like I know I will, be sure and take extra ReMag and ReAline. I would take 1-2 ReAline for each alcoholic beverage.


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