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Magnesium in Man & Woman

January 1, 2015

Sometimes I receive “signs” and today I’ll share one with you. On the first day of the 2015 New Year someone sent me a 2015 publication from Physiology Review called “Magnesium in Man: Implications for Health and Disease.”

So, I guess this means 2015 will be another year of mostly magnesium blogs!

What I LOVE about this paper is the corroborating statement that “…magnesium…is involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions.” For over a year I’ve been quoting one source that contends magnesium is responsible for 700-800 enzymatic reactions. But 600 is close enough. Hopefully all the papers and books that have stuck with the 300 enzymatic reactions for the past few decades will update their statistics.

I’ll give you the abstract with my comments. The paper is 45 pages long but it costs $20.00 to look at it for a day. Even so, it’s an important paper you want to give a solid reference to your doctor or to the skeptic that you live with.

Abstract: “Magnesium (Mg2+) is an essential ion to the human body, playing an instrumental role in supporting and sustaining health and life.”

Comment: Mg2 ions are what the body requires at the cellular level. Knowing that, a lot of companies are now selling ionic magnesium. However, an ion is very unstable and will bind with other ions in the body making it unavailable to the cell. The complex and expensive process used to create ReMag stabilizes magnesium and it’s absorbed seamlessly into the cell.

Abstract: “As the second most abundant intracellular cation after potassium, it is involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions including energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Although Mg2+ availability has been proven to be disturbed during several clinical situations, serum Mg2+ values are not generally determined in patients.”

Comment: That’s right, doctors usually don’t even bother to test for magnesium. And this review does not define the various types of magnesium testing or indicate that Magnesium RBC is better than serum magnesium and Ionized Magnesium testing is the best of all.

Abstract: “This review aims to provide an overview of the function of Mg2+ in human health and disease. In short, Mg2+ plays an important physiological role particularly in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Moreover, Mg2+supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in treatment of, among others, preeclampsia, migraine, depression, coronary artery disease, and asthma.

Comment: the list is longer in the paper, but admitting that magnesium is a treatment for depression and asthma is huge.

Abstract: “Over the last decade, several hereditary forms of hypomagnesemia have been deciphered, including mutations in transient receptor potential melastatin type 6 (TRPM6), claudin 16, and cyclin M2 (CNNM2). Recently, mutations in Mg2+ transporter 1 (MagT1) were linked to T-cell deficiency underlining the important role of Mg2+ in cell viability.

Comment: The work on mutations is very interesting because it will soon be accepted that magnesium is a major epigenetic trigger to turn genes on and off.

Abstract: “Moreover, hypomagnesemia can be the consequence of the use of certain types of drugs, such as diuretics, epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors, calcineurin inhibitors, and proton pump inhibitors.”

Comment: Every year the list of drugs that cause magnesium deficiency grows and contributes to the side effects of drugs.

Abstract: “This review provides an extensive and comprehensive overview of Mg2+ research over the last few decades, focusing on the regulation of Mg2+ homeostasis in the intestine, kidney, and bone and disturbances which may result in hypomagnesemia.

Comment: Researchers can study the regulation of magnesium homeostasis all they want but until they acknowledge that the body needs optimum water intake, sea salt and other minerals, such as the ones in ReMyte, they won’t come up with any worthwhile answers.

In the meantime, my message doesn’t waiver – take responsibility for your own health. Join my Completement Now Online Wellness Program and take Total Body ReSet formulas so you can avoid drugs and hospitals in 2015.

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