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Miscommunicating With Kids

January 8, 2015

The Parenting Teens Summit 2015 for moms and daughters created by Tova Garr runs from January 12 through February 1, 2015. My interview is on January 28. 

In this Summit, leading experts reveal how a mother can create easy and effective communication with her daughter in these crazy teenage years, allowing her to become the amazing, successful, and happy woman you know she is meant to be! It’s a free Summit featuring over 21 experts and, no matter what your daughter’s age, I’m sure you will come away with useful tips. After all, most of us never really grow up!

To that end I want to direct you to Bob’s new internet radio show/podcast launching Tuesday, January 13, 2015. It’s called “What ‘Youth’?” on Achieve Radio at 6pm PST. In my interview for the Parenting Summit, I might have said a tiny bit about all the different bodies we juggle: our Chemical/Physical bodies being dominated by our Chip Body (computer and cell phone) and our TV Body. I imagine most of the talks on the Parenting Summit will focus on physical body solutions and psychological solutions. I know I did – telling moms to use a lot of magnesium with their daughters!

But if we recognize the inevitable seduction by the Chip body, we can understand why it’s not just the fact that kids have always thought they know it all and don’t have to listen to adults. Now they have the world at their fingertips and the time to explore it while their beleaguered parents are working day and night to keep them in designer clothes and more and more expensive phones, pods and apps.

What the kids don’t understand is that we are living in a post-fact world – information has no staying power. But the adults don’t know this either, so they don’t have the ammunition to beat their kids in the information game. There are too many answers in the information sphere to establish a conclusion on any issue. Therefore, the new power is in Questions not Answers. 21st Century Man/Woman has been described as running down the street complaining he/she has all the answers but doesn’t know the questions.

On “What ‘Youth’?” Bob will provoke new questions for old answers. In my Death by Modern Medicine 3rd Edition the “Death by Media” chapter deals with our electronic environment that has never existed before. And Bob’s show will give you the perfect perspective to deal with it. So, listen to The Parenting Teens Summit and line up your questions for Bob.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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