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Cholesterol Drugs for Everyone???

February 25, 2015

The more that I and dozens of other doctors write about cholesterol NOT being the cause of heart disease, the more allopathic doctors dig in their heels and want to put it in the drinking water! The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association have adopted New Cholesterol Guidelines and want all patients with known cardiovascular disease treated with statins, regardless of their cholesterol levels.

That means that if you have high blood pressure (HBP) due to magnesium deficiency, you will be given a statin drug. That’s because doctors know that once you have HBP and are on medication, it’s not long before your cholesterol becomes elevated. They don’t assume for one minute that the drugs are causing elevated cholesterol, but that’s what I think is happening.

When you take heart medication, it depletes your magnesium and sets you up for symptoms of high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and elevated blood sugar. In Cholesterol Doesn’t Need Drugs I blogged that the Canadian Diabetic Association advises “All patients with diabetes should start taking statins when they turn 40 and blood pressure drugs when they turn 55.”

How can doctors be so hopelessly and dangerously wrong? It’s simply because they didn’t learn anything about magnesium and minerals in medical school; they turn a blind eye to drug side effects; and they aren’t aware that most of the commonly used drugs have an added fluoride molecule that could be binding magnesium making it unavailable to the body.

In the 60 to 75 year age group, 87.4% of men and 53.6% of women will be given a statin on their next doctor’s visit. If you are gullible and think your doctor is looking out for your best interests, you will take the drug and start having side effects. When your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar become elevated, your doctor will say “we caught all this just in time.” They will never admit that their drugs could be the cause.

To nip heart disease in the bud, U.S. doctors are also aiming at the younger population and want almost half the 115 million adults 40 to 75 years old to be on statins. That’s 56 million (48.6%) of this population.

Please google the statement “Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease” and see how much evidence has accumulated proving that cholesterol is not the bad guy. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, 2 of the 3 lead researchers in this study disclosed monies received from drug companies.

The way to balance cholesterol is with the natural statin – magnesium. Instead of killing the enzyme that makes cholesterol, magnesium regulates that enzyme so you only make what you require. ReMag is the best magnesium to take for cholesterol and to counteract the effects of heart medications – until you can safely wean off them. ReMyte is the mineral supplement that will help balance your thyroid, adrenals, blood sugar and metabolism. Cholesterol can act as an antioxidant; use ReAline, a gentle detoxifier, instead. Use RnA Drops to help build perfect cells and get the labyrinth of the mind out of the picture.  Read my books on ReMag and ReMyte at RnA ResSet.

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