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I Am Not My Genes, I Am A Human Being

February 1, 2015

I love putting several pieces of information together and coming up with a theory or drawing a likely conclusion. Here is the latest. Someone wrote the following on my Facebook Page: “Seriously, I believe one of the most dangerous and insulting phrases in the English language is this: Your doctor has determined the benefits outweigh the risks.”

A recent study in the International Journal of Obesity says that “Self-reporting is so inaccurate in measuring eating and exercise habits that it shouldn’t be used.”

This means that doctors now have “scientific evidence” that allows them to prescribe life-long drugs for your lifestyle diseases in spite of your opinion because what you say is so inaccurate.

The third piece I want to draw into this equation is President Obama seeking $215 million to study Precision Medicine. Never heard of it? Me neither, but Wiki has.

“Precision medicine is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare – with medical decisions, practices, and/or products being tailored to the individual patient.”

So, far so good. Let’s tailor minerals and vitamins to the individual. I’m all for that!

However, Wiki continues “In this model, diagnostic testing is often employed for selecting appropriate and optimal therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis. Tools employed in PM can include molecular diagnostics, imaging, and analytics/software.”

To me, this is not so good! I think scientists are trying to pick up the pieces of the Human Genome Project that were blasted apart when they only found 23,000 genes and not the expected 100,000. They thought with 100,000 genes they would be able to match each disease entity with a gene and then conveniently snip out the gene and eliminate the disease. But nope, that’s just not how the body works. Genes really don’t control the body but depend on epigenetic factors AKA environmental factors surrounding the genes – especially minerals and vitamins to turn the genes on and off. The most important epigenetic nutrient is magnesium!

You also see the genetics card being played with a lot of new-found genetic mutations, which I think are being trotted out to “create the disease” of genetic mutations and then “offer the cure” with Precision Medicine. At that point it won’t matter at all what you say – if it’s in your genes, then that’s your diagnosis. Epigenetics doesn’t seem to fit into genetic research.

I write about this in Death by Modern Medicine “A senior executive with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in the UK…on December 8, 2003…publicly stated that most prescription medicines do not work on most people who take them…The reason that drugs work effectively, on average, in less than one half of patients, according to Dr. Roses, is because their genetic makeup interferes with the medicine in some unknown way…Roses is on a mission to promote his field of ‘pharmacogenomics,’ which applies human genetics to drug development…

About the Precision Medicine funding Medscape says “Putting his money where his mouth is, President Obama will seek $215 million to finance the Precision Medicine Initiative he first mentioned in his State of the Union speech on January 20.” However at a time when it costs $2.5 Billion to push one drug through the FDA approval process, $215 million is a pittance. And the money is not for treatments but to start data collection on a million people and study genomic biomarkers and prognostic and diagnostic markers. All this information will just go to drug companies to make targeted drugs.

So, for any of you who have suggested that allopathic medicine will soon embrace alternatives since drugs are falling into disrepute, please stop holding your breath – medicine will never use natural, non-patented, non-technological, inexpensive remedies. It’s up to you to do your research and find them for yourself.

I do try to make that process easier for you with my books, newsletter, online wellness program, radio show and a handful of safe and effective formulas. But, as always, the choice is up to you.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

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