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I’ll Take Early Death

February 7, 2015

When I saw this Medscape survey article – “Daily Pill? No Thanks, I’ll Take Early Death” I had to immediately share it. The study found that one-third of 1,000 subjects would rather have a shortened lifespan (by 2 years) than take daily drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Doctors who think drugs are the answer to lifestyle problems are learning how to sweet-talk patients into taking their drugs. A recent continuing education credit I took was titled – “Talking to Patients About Health Risk Behaviors.”

Doctors hear every day from both sick and well patients that they don’t want to take drugs. Since doctors have been trained to diagnose diseases and treat disease symptoms with drugs, they just don’t understand when patients say “No Thank you.”

What’s really behind their thinking is that doctors see patients with heart disease and they never see them getting better. That’s because the patients that keep coming to them keep taking their drugs and keep getting sicker. The people that walk away from the drug cabinet and wean off their meds using magnesium, multiple minerals, food based vitamins, diet and exercise never go back to see the cardiologist who tried to scare them into taking drugs. Even if a few brave souls do, their doctor doesn’t believe them and ignores the things that got them better.

These drug-dispensing doctors justify their drug treatments by saying that patients won’t change their lifestyle – mostly because doctors won’t take time to counsel their patients. Even worse, many doctors are so stressed out and swamped that they exhibit very unhealthy lifestyles.

The reason why patients taking their half dozen heart drugs never get better is because those drugs cause a daily drain on their magnesium. All drugs will chip away at your magnesium stores, but the ones with fluoride molecules can do more damage as fluoride binds up magnesium depositing it as a brittle compound in muscles and tendons. Look up the drugs you are taking on Wikipedia and look for the F = fluoride atoms attached.

I’m glad that 1/3rd of subjects would rather not take long term meds. And it hardly means that their lifespan is reduced. That’s the opinion of doctors who don’t think there is a “cure” for heart disease.

What would I recommend? When people opt for the Total Body ReSet formulas – their lives are enhanced. ReMag – for magnesium that’s absorbed at the cellular level; ReMyte – for immune system, adrenals, thyroid; ReAline for methylated B’s that balance homocysteine, and amino acids that make glutathione; and RnA Drops that help you make perfect cells.

And happily there is hope for medicine. Dr. Leana Wen’s Total Transparency Manifesto and Dr. Pamela Wible’s Ideal Medical Care are two models that I applaud. These women see themselves as human beings first and doctors second with their focus on bringing humanity back to medicine. When patients and doctors speak to each other as human beings, doctors will listen to patients who don’t want to take drugs and want alternatives. They would also believe patients who report drug side effects. Check out their websites to find doctors with a philosophy that matches yours.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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