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Magnesium 101: The Ultimate Guide

February 22, 2015

Magnesium 101: The Ultimate Guide

In my last blog I added a short note about a fantastic interview I had with Career Coach, CJ Liu, in January, 2015. She was so inspired by the interview and by my work with magnesium that on Feb 19, 2015, she posted a 3,500 word blog called Magnesium: The Ultimate Guide.

Not only that, but CJ cut and pasted the interview and other magnesium memorabilia under 21 different headings. From her blog you can see what an effective organizer and communicator she is.

Yes, this is the ultimate magnesium overview you have been waiting for just like ReMag is the ultimate magnesium. I’ll give you the list of topics, which are linked to CJ’s blog. Please share with everyone! Forward this email to everyone you know or send them to the blog on my website:

·   What is magnesium? Is Magnesium a metal?

·   Where is Magnesium found in the body; why is it one of the most important minerals?

·   What does Magnesium do and what are its functions?

·   What is Magnesium good for and what are the deficiency symptoms?

·   Magnesium deficiency: How do you know if you have Magnesium deficiency? What causes low levels? Why do we have a deficiency?

·   How much Magnesium should I take?

·   Source: Magnesium Fact Sheet for Consumers, National Health Institute <> (accessed Jan 30, 2015)

·   What form of Magnesium should I take?

·   Source:  Dr. Mercola, Magnesium—“The Missing Link to Better Health”, Dec 8, 2013,

·   When should I take Magnesium?

·   Could you take too much or over dose on Magnesium? What are the risks of taking too much too soon?

·   How are Calcium and Magnesium related?

·   How can Magnesium cause constipation?

·   How does Magnesium relate to sleep?

·   Magnesium and migraines:

·   Magnesium and Anxiety:

·   Magnesium and Cholesterol (Statin):

·   Magnesium rich foods.

·   Source: “Top 10 Foods Highest in Magnesium”.

·   How can Magnesium help you unwind from a litany of medications?

·   Magnesium Expert – Dr. Carolyn Dean

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