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Medicating with Supplements

March 21, 2015

Years ago I had a client who was prescribed 80 supplement pills a day by a holistic doctor. I thought that was an outrageous amount until a client told me recently that a nutritionist sold her supplements to the tune of 300-500 pills per day costing her $200-$500 per week. My client said that some of them helped but some of them made her worse.

I didn’t believe it until she sent me copies of her weekly prescriptions. My client said “Yes, I was taking up to 500 pills a day. At times I took less, but rarely did it drop below 300. It was crazy. But I was desperate, so very desperate to feel better. I finally stopped because an acupuncturist told me the supplements were making me worse and that I needed to stop all of them ASAP.  She was right, within a few days of stopping I began feeling better, stronger and not as symptomatic.”

I’ve coined the term “medicating with supplements” to emphasize the imbalance created in the body by this practice. In my experience the body works best with small amounts of food-based vitamins and well-absorbed minerals. When poorly absorbed supplements are used in huge doses, you are artificially forcing a response. The binders and fillers alone in that many pills could be toxic.

When clients come to me on dozens of supplements, I often say that if the supplements were helping they wouldn’t need to consult with me.

Another problem is that people are choosing supplements out of fear. The same tactics used by drug companies are being adopted by alternative practitioners and supplement companies: “Create the disease and offer the cure.” I also see a trend where executives from drug companies supposedly “jump ship” and take positions in supplement companies. They may say they are fed up with drugs making people sick and they want to work in a way that doesn’t harm people. That may be true, however, I see them bringing the same drug industry advertising tactics into their new careers.

Alternative medicine is certainly a better option that allopathic medicine to prevent and treat most chronic disease. But just using supplements for symptoms, I call Green Allopathy. Instead of drugs each symptom is medicated with a handful of supplements and everyone is persuaded that they are doing the right thing. I believe that people are buying the hype surrounding supplements and neglecting the basic building blocks. And, yes, I’m referring to magnesium and other important minerals that are the basis of the structure and function of the body. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the simple combination of ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline and RnA Drops can replace dozens of supplement – that’s why I call them the Total Body ReSet formulas.

When I first began practicing alternative medicine in 1979, I saw the rise in the use of supplements. In fact, I was responsible for it in Toronto! Instead of selling supplements, I sent my patients to health food stores and supplement dispensaries. Now the industry is huge and has lost sight of its original mission.

The seven principles of naturopathic medicine are being ignored. I want you to know them and know that this is how you will be able to recognize a true natural medicine practitioner.

1.    First Do No Harm

2.    Identify and Treat the Cause(s)

3.    Doctor as Teacher

4.    Treat The Whole Person

5.    Emphasize Prevention

6.    Support The Healing Power Of The Body

7.    Physician Heal Thyself

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