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Treating Chronic Pain

March 15, 2015

The pain killer, acetaminophen has been found to have more risks than originally thought, according to a new comprehensive review (March 1, 2015 in BMJ). Acetaminophin is the most widely used over-the-counter and prescription analgesic worldwide but studies suggest a connection to diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease. Of course, these conditions are related to magnesium deficiency. Yet doctors keep ignoring the fact that their drugs deplete magnesium.

How many times have we heard “Whoops, we didn’t know that drug could kill you!” Then why exactly are billions spent on drug research if not to find safe drugs?

I don’t usually comment on movies or TV shows, but just as I was thinking about this blog, I just watched Jennifer Aniston’s movie, Cake. The heroine, Claire struggles to cope with tremendous physical and emotional pain and her addiction to pain medication.

Claire has gone way beyond acetaminophen and uses Percocet, an opium alkaloid combined with acetaminophen, with no relief in sight.

Here’s what I think would help Claire:

1. Start with Epsom salts baths. I had visions of dumping a truck full of Epsom salts into her pool.

2. Then I’d add ReAline to help detox the buildup from all those meds.

3. Next add ReMag.

4. Then ReMyte.

5. But most importantly take RnA Drops to activate Chromosome 14.

According to iON, Chromosome 14 can lead us down a path of addiction when we layer on negative experiences and keep reinforcing them with guilt, fear and anger. However, with RnA Drops you can activate Chromosome 14 to make perfect cells and help overlay positive things that you do want in your life. That may sound bizarre but we’ve had so many testimonials from people with terrible diagnoses like heart failure; cirrhosis of the liver; depression: chronic pain and ankylosing spondylitis whose lives have been turned around. These people claim that the RnA Drops make them happy, release fear and worry and allow them to heal.

Besides the RnA Drops, for Claire’s emotional pain, I would play her the opera called: Time to Say Goodbye to help release her grief. I’d recommend the Bach Flower Remedy, Walnut – the Linkbreaker and have her repeat the following affirmation: I break all links, which hinder my growth. I now have the strength to follow my own inner guidance. I move forward with ease into the next phase of my life.

Of course, the tough and bitter Claire would snap my head off if I suggested this affirmation too soon but as she started to feel better, I’m sure she would embrace them.

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