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Atrial Fibrillation: The Magnesium Option

April 19, 2015

I’ve neglected my blog posts recently because I’m busy writing a short book on Atrial Fibrillation. I was motivated to do this when I found my picture, my Magnesium Miracle book and my words being used, without my permission, to sell a $30.00 book that promotes the surgical treatment of Atrial Fibrillation. I decided to write an inexpensive Kindle book and offer, what I know to be, a safe option for preventing and treating this condition. That option is very simple and very effective and consists of minerals (especially magnesium) and proper hydration.

In the book I’ll talk about my own brand of magnesium (ReMag), which is 100% absorbed at the cellular level. And I make no bones about it because I’ve come to realize over the past several years that it’s the unprecedented absorption of ReMag that allows you to reach therapeutic levels without any laxative effects. Up till now, many people haven’t know how much to take and when they get diarrhea they immediately stop their magnesium and don’t k now how to proceed. Cardiologists, to this day, prescribe magnesium oxide, which is only 4% absorbed causing worse magnesium deficiency as the diarrhea progresses.

Because I have severe magnesium deficiency symptoms if I don’t take ReMag, I’ve been able to personally research all the intricacies involved. If you’re read my ReMag book with the section called When Magnesium Makes Me Worse, you realize that ReMag isn’t like some drug that suppresses symptoms and then creates a hundred side effects. Instead, ReMag creates hundreds of beneficial effects – some of which stir up the body and can be misinterpreted as a side effect.

In my AFib book, I’ll be talking about the many natural back-up pacemakers in the hear that can be irritated into activity by magnesium deficiency spasms; the role of dehydration in people that can lead to blood clotting; the need for adequate magnesium, minerals and sea salt in cells. Adequate water and optimum minerals reinvigorate cells and allow for proper function. Minerals in the cells pulls water in after them removing edema from ankles and legs.

NOTE: When patients have ankle edema, what do doctors do? They prescribe diuretics that drain out more water and more minerals! The exact opposite of what you require.

On every page of the book I will discuss how magnesium deficiency is associated with all the so-called causes of AFib such as: high blood pressure, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and exposure to stimulants like drugs, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. So, it’s not enough to give these “causes” of AFib without acknowledging that all these causes are really just a manifestation of magnesium deficiency!

I’ve read two recent books on AFib, they both reference me and the Magnesium Miracle but they don’t focus on magnesium deficiency because they don’t have access to ReMag and the miracles that it can produce.

Steve’s Case Story:

“I am a 57-year old man who was diagnosed with AFib 4 months ago. My symptoms included an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, anxiety, and lack of strength. I was unable to walk up a short flight of stairs without my symptoms kicking in. Up to this point I had been a very healthy person that did regular workouts and ate extremely healthy. The next month consisted of a cardioversion and numerous visits with doctors and electrophysiologists. I was put on 3 different prescription drugs and told I would need a catheter ablation. During this time, my condition did not improve.

I kept reading and researching a-fib and noticed that while my doctors could never give me a reason for my AFib, Dr. Dean said it was due to a lack of magnesium. I contacted her and she prescribed ReMag (1 tsp twice a day), ReMyte (1/2 tsp three times a day) and she told me to start slowly on them at ½ tsp a day and working up by ½ tsp every 3 days. She also had me take a Magnesium RBC blood test which confirmed my magnesium was low. I started to feel more energized after taking the ReMag, ReMyte, although I was still taking my prescription drugs. I was seeing improvement, but my pulse was still irregular and anytime I did something physical, my AFib symptoms came back.

During this time, I continued to watch videos and read articles by Dr. Dean. She mentioned that some drugs could block the magnesium from working in your body. It was at that time that I decided on my own to stop taking my prescription drugs. I decided it was the magnesium that was making me better. I asked Dr. Dean how to wean off my prescription drugs, which she said to do one at a time and by cutting the pills in half and then in quarters and reducing every 3-4 days.

The rest of the story is I noticed great improvement after getting off the prescription drugs. It was the breakthrough I had been hoping for. My pulse has been steady. My energy is great. All my symptoms disappeared. I am back to doing physical activities; walking on the treadmill, jumping rope, and shoveling snow! Getting off the prescription drugs, I feel, allowed my magnesium to work. My follow up RBC test shows that my magnesium level is back up where it should be. I feel better and better each day!

After numerous doctors’ visits that all told me I needed prescription drugs and catheter ablations, it was Dr.Dean who guided me back to health.

I cannot express in words how thankful I am for all that Dr. Dean has done for me. Thank-you, Dr. Dean for giving me a life back that allows me to do all the things I desire and enjoy!”

My recommendation for people with AFib is to go to RnA ReSet, read the two eBooks on ReMag and ReMyte under the INFO link and follow the Total Body ReSet formulas protocol. Taking all four ReSet formulas gives the best results.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

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