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Help for Hemorrhoids

April 22, 2015

I’ve been itching (pun intended) to write a blog about hemorrhoids for ages. They are common; they are irritating but they can be treated naturally.

You may wonder how I’m going to bring magnesium into this blog! Well, that’s easy. When you don’t have enough magnesium to relax your intestinal muscles, you get constipated, which puts pressure on the anal canal and can cause hemorrhoids to pop out.

I do say that ReMag is not laxative because it does not cause diarrhea but if your constipation is caused by tight intestinal muscles, then ReMag is the cure.

Here is an excerpt from my Future Health Now Encyclopedia, which, by the way, you should have on hand to answer any health concern you might have. Within its 538 pages I cover ailments with many choices of treatments. I also go into optimum eating and cleansing. The final section of the book includes a comprehensive homeopathic handbook.

Hemorrhoids occur in the anal canal and can be internal (invisible) or external (protruding from the anal canal). They are weakened, swollen veins that can swell and even bleed due to pressure from the liver’s major blood circulation, pressure from constipation, pregnancy, sitting all day – especially in a car or truck or straining the abdomen in any way. They can cause a fair amount of disability and irritation.

A discussion of hemorrhoids was my topic when I first appeared on the television show The View. When we rehearsed the segment, I had a huge audience of the show’s crew, mostly men, who seemed very interested in hemorrhoids. After rehearsal, one of the producers remarked that she hadn’t seen such a turnout since Pamela Lee Anderson’s rehearsal!

On that show, I demonstrated that hemorrhoids are like a cluster of grapes that pop out of the anal canal. I used the cardboard center of an empty toilet roll to demonstrate the canal and grapes to show how they were positioned as they burst out of the canal. The crowd was in hysterics. Meredith Vieira, one of the show’s hosts, not to be outdone, said hers were even bigger than grapes after giving birth.

Surgical treatment can be very simple for single hemorrhoids. A gastroenterologist expertly places a very tight rubber band at the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off circulation; the hemorrhoid then shrinks and dries up within a few days.

If you have hemorrhoids or rectal fissures, pay special attention to cleaning the anus after a bowel movement. Tiny sharp particles in the feces (especially from seeds or nuts) can cut the anal skin. A bidet is the best solution, allowing you to wash the area immediately after a bowel movement. Otherwise use soft, undyed, unscented toilet paper. Wet some paper and clean the first inch of the anal canal. A thin, wet washcloth and neutral pH soap can also be used.


Treatment begins by eating an optimum diet and eliminating alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Treat constipation with a high-fiber diet, including bran and beets. Foods that help veins regain elasticity are garlic, onions, lecithin, okra, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Use plenty of liquids and avoid straining when passing stool. Veins are strengthened by bioflavonoids, which are part of the vitamin C complex. These nutrients help treat varicose veins, uterine hemorrhage and strokes. Food sources are buckwheat or citrus pulp.

First Aid:

* Anurex: This is a reusable suppository that is chilled in the freezer and when inserted into a painful anus gives immediate relief and also lasting relief as it treats inflammation and flattens hemorrhoids. Obtain it from the Anurex website.

* Sit on a donut-shaped cushion to take the pressure off the area while they are healing.

* Sitz baths: Use one or a combination of witch hazel, plantain leaves, comfrey root or white oak bark. These herbs are all strong astringents. Use 2 ounces of dried herb and 1/2 gallon of boiling water. Steep for one hour, strain, pour some into a shallow pan and sit in it for fifteen minutes.

* Vitamin E oil on the area is soothing and can relieve swelling.

* To ease swelling and pain, coat a piece of potato the size of your small finger with vitamin E and insert into the anus.

* For swelling, bleeding and pain, apply comfrey ointment.

* For pain and to assist shrinking of the swollen tissues, apply plantain and yarrow ointment.

* Zinc ointment and vitamin E oil can also help heal fissures, which may occur along with hemorrhoids. Most of the above suggestions for hemorrhoids are useful for fissures.


* Magnesium: Choose ReMag, a 100% absorbed, bioavailable, non-laxative magnesium. Dosage: ½ -1 tsp twice per day. This mineral drives 700-800 enzyme systems and is responsible for the production of energy in the body.

* Multi-mineral: Use 100% bioavailable ReMyte multiple mineral, which contains 12 complementary minerals. Zinc, copper, selenium and magnesium are especially important for healing blood vessels. Dosage: ¾ tsp three times per day.

* Vitamin C complex: Choose a food-based organic product. Dosage: One tablet, once or twice daily to support the adrenal glands. I recommend Grown by Nature. (Use gbn123 at checkout.)

* RnA Drops: A unique product made from barley sprouts that test negative for gluten and produce a unique cell called the iCell, which helps make perfect cells and balances body, mind and spirit. Read the FAQs at RnA ReSet for dosage instructions and more information.

* ReAline: A companion product to RnA Drops, but may also be used alone as a safe, natural detoxifier that assists any condition. It contains dl’methionine, the precursor to glutathione and l’taurine along with methylated B vitamins and Betaine HCL. Dosage: 1 capsule twice per day.

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