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Learning to Walk Right

April 10, 2015

In Sept 2013 I talked about using Egoscue exercises to Align the Perfect Cells that we are forming with the Total Body ReSet formulas. I’ve used some of the exercises eversince, but recently I found an Egoscue practitioner in my neighborhood and began the program in earnest. On the day I received my list of exercises, I met a family therapist who told me about her experience with a Kaiser physical therapist that she saw for neck and shoulder spasms. Of course, she was not told to take magnesium for her muscle spasms; that’s not unusual. But what I found incredible was that the therapist made it clear that she was not allowed to touch my friend during the course of her therapy.

Lord Sufferin’ Cats. How in the name of Glory can you properly identify a person’s problem and set them on a course of therapy if you can’t touch them! Such is the state of medicine and all the ancillary departments of medicine that they are doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done.Since you will never hear it from your doctor, I’ve set myself the task to make recommendations for body alignment exercises that you will find on my Aligning Perfect Cells blog.  These exercises will help you better take care of your own health – because medicine is not equipped to do the job.

For example, when has a doctor ever asked you to walk across the floor to assess your gait and give you a program to correct your gait? When has a doctor ever taken front, side and back pictures of your posture and prescribed physical therapy. Of course, if you went to a physical therapist in a medical clinic they would just point to some pictures in a book and tell you to do that exercise so you’d be no further ahead!

My Egoscue therapist looked at the soles of my shoes and showed me where they were worn down on the outside of the heels without much wear on the ball of the foot. So, he prescibed heel-ball-toe walking so that I really feel the ball of my foot engaging the ground. At first it felt strange and but now it feels normal to walk with my toes pointed straight ahead and not Walking Like A Duck! Yes, I’ve blogged about that too!

I do shudder when I see people walking and even running with their feet pointing at a 45 degree angle. For all the good aerobic exercise is doing for their lungs, they are setting themsevles up for hip and knee replacement because of the abnormal angle ricocheting up from their feet.

I’ve got a dozen exercises to do and I love doing them because I know they are waking up hundreds of muscles in my body that I hardly ever use. Think about it; we have 600 muscles and we rarely engage them all. But if we did, our body would work much more efficiently.

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