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Intensive Tx Fails to Slow Atherosclerosis

May 9, 2015

How much money do drug companies have to spend on drug trials to show that drugs don’t work to prevent chronic diseases like atherosclerosis? The latest is a million-person trial in Japan using “Aggressive blood pressure and lipid-lowering treatment after stenting…” Sure, the cholesterol and BP were beaten down somewhat but the plaque was the same in the two groups – the drugs didn’t touch the plaque like I know magnesium can!

A report from Medscape on the study said “The findings were a surprise” and assured us that they were “unlikely to have much impact on practice.” Yup, that’s exactly why we do multimillion dollar studies, so we don’t learn anything and don’t change what’s not working!

They don’t even pause for one second to think that drugs are not the answer to atherosclerosis but say “…it requires another look — maybe a different cohort, larger numbers, longer follow-up.” It’s obvious that these researchers just want to get more funding to do their research, not to find answers.

Yet, the answers already exist. Here is another unsolicited email from a happy Total Body ReSet formulas customer:

“Your products have increased my family’s health tremendously. Before ReMag, ReMyte and RnA Drops, I was dealing with undiagnosed Atrial Fibrillation or heart arrhythmias/palpitations. Sometimes it would go on for hours and sometimes into the next day draining every ounce of energy in my body. I no longer have any episodes of this kind anymore.

My wife had open heart surgery 2½ years ago due mostly to hypertension and obstruction of the coronary arteries. After being on ReMag and ReMyte for several months her blood pressure had dropped from 180/95 to 110/60. This is fantastic because the doctors kept telling her she was in the high risk category for a stroke. Her last echocardiogram showed a healthy and strong heart with an ejection fraction of 60%. Her last ultrasound of her carotid artery showed a 30% to 40% lessening of calcified occlusions. This is all amazingly good news.”

The “fake” study on Medscape said “The plaque volume measured by intravascular ultrasonography (IVUS) after 18 to 24 months of treatment had declined by 8.74% in the aggressive group and by 9.37% in the standard treatment group — both significant compared with baseline but not compared with each other.”

So, if 8-9% reduction in plaque is significant, what would they say about a 30-40% reduction after only “several months” of treatment with the Total Body ReSet formulas? And how could they explain a normal ejection fraction of 60% after open heart surgery!

I know I’m getting more aggressive about my Total Body ReSet formula message but it comes out of a sense of being too late to help a LOT of people who are suffering from the effects of their disease and the worsening of their condition by using drugs instead of nutrients.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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