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Magnesium for Horses

June 3, 2015

I received the following email today from a horse owner.  “My favorite horse gets muscle cramps. I’ve had a hair analysis done on her and she is low in magnesium. Our well water is high in calcium. She will not eat the magnesium supplement I got for her. I was trying to trim her feet today, got to her back feet and she cramped up. I put magnesium oil on the cramped muscle and gave up on the idea of trimming her back feet. Would you have any suggestions as to how to help her? I know you are not a vet but I just know you totally get it.”]]]]]]]’

I got right on the old emailer and sent this question to Nicole, my expert in all things horsey!

Nicole immediately wrote back and said:

“Thank you so much for reaching out to me. YES!!! I can help. I’ve had horses I was struggling with, a couple that the vet wanted to put down. I just couldn’t do it. This was a few years ago when I was just learning about magnesium. I had one horse in particular, Black Diamond, that let me experiment on him. He was such a trooper. He would always let me know if something was working, or if he needed more or less or something different.

I ended up with a long list of nutrients that I recommended people feed to their horses, but they were always discouraged by the list. So I put all the ingredients into a cookie :).

Now I just feed my horses cookies everyday and that’s how they get their magnesium and companion nutrients. The cookies are helping so many horses right now that I can barely keep up with production – haha!! It’s all thanks to you and the education you’ve given me! I bet you didn’t plan on helping horses too, did you :).

You can visit my website Happy Feet Horse Care and you can also email me questions from the Contact page on the site. The cookies are called Black Diamond Cookies for you know who :). Thanks for helping all the humans AND their horses Dr. Dean!”

For more health info on our furry and hairy friends read my blogs: Squirreling Away Magnesium, Prescript Assist for Cats, Dogs and Squirrels and Magnesium for Horses and Humans.

Yes, I will continue to beat the drum of magnesium and my Total Body ReSet formulas. It’s only recently that people very close to me have decided to try them!! So, if it took THEM that long, I know that I still have a lot of work to do.

My next blog will be a testimonial from a young 88 year old whose bone density increased by EIGHTEEN PERCENT on ReMag, ReMyte and T-Tapp!!

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