High Calcium Scores Prove Magnesium Deficiency

July 31, 2015

A reader of my blog asked what I thought about the Coronary Calcium Scan that looks for specks of calcium in the walls of the coronary (heart) arteries as a marker for early coronary heart disease. My first thought was that if you are properly saturated with magnesium, then calcium can’t float around in the blood stream because it is properly dissolved and doesn’t settle in soft tissue.

But the CScan is the perfect money-maker for the medical industry. An expensive CT machine scans your coronary arteries for calcium and bills you or your insurance company for upwards of $399. And if your score is elevated – you are put on half a dozen heart, blood sugar and blood pressure drugs, presumably, to prevent heart disease.

Although CScans are not recommended universally – yet. In the for-profit hospitals, medical centers, and mobile body imaging vans in churches, malls or community parking lots, they are big business.

What’s the downside? You may end up taking 6 drugs that have dozens, if not hundreds of side effects – including magnesium deficiency. And then there’s the radiation, which is cumulative. At RadiologyInfo you can see that a Chest X-ray gives you 0.1mSV of radiation and the Coronary Calcium Scan gives you 3mSV, which is equivalent to 30 chest x-rays. I fought tooth and nail during my whole Internship to avoid a “routine” Chest X-ray – I would not knowingly submit to the radiation from 30 Chest X-rays. The operative word here is “knowingly.” Those of you who have submitted to a CScan, were you even told the amount of radiation you would be receiving?

The only “useful” information from this test is to scare you into thinking you have heart disease and that you need to be on a half-dozen drugs. That’s why I’m ready to call this test the CScam because doctors should already know that calcium is the culprit and magnesium is the solution to most heart disease. So why do expensive and harmful testing where the only allopathetic “solution” is to take unnecessary and potentially dangerous drugs? Especially when there are non-drug solutions.

Here’s what happens if you simply take the right kind of minerals that control your calcium:

“My wife had open heart surgery 2½ years ago due mostly to hypertension and obstruction of the coronary arteries. After being on ReMag and ReMyte for several months her blood pressure had dropped from 180/95 to 110/60. Her last echocardiogram showed a healthy and strong heart with a norma ejection fraction of 60%. Her last ultrasound of her carotid artery showed a 30% to 40% lessening of calcified occlusions. This is all amazingly good news.”

Calcification of arteries and internal organs is regarded as a “normal” part of aging by allopathetic medicine with calcification of the walls of the arteries common in people aged 65 and older. And calcification of the breasts is often seen in women after the age of 50. However, I repeat, calcification in your coronary arteries is a diagnosis of magnesium deficiency. If you are properly saturated with magnesium you will not have calcium particles floating around in your blood stream and precipitating out in you coronary arteries!

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