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Ruining Kale’s Image

July 19, 2015

Mother Jones magazine knew just what they were doing when they titled their July 15, 2015 article: “Sorry, Foodies: We’re About to Ruin Kale.”

As soon as the article came out, my agent for The Magnesium Miracle emailed and asked me what I thought of the article. I scanned it quickly and wrote back saying “I think this has to do with the fad of raw green drinkers who down enormous amounts of kale, which is how the thallium can build up.”

Yes, kale and the other brassica vegetables are a good way to get thallium out of the soil – the poison is preferentially absorbed through brassica roots. When you juice vast quantities of kale grown in high thallium soil, you concentrate that poison in your body.

I do think it’s a matter of the amount of kale you drink or eat – a leaf or two of kale a day may be just fine. But I still think Mother Jones should have done some more research before scaring people with this story. Now people are going to avoid kale or be afraid of it and miss out on the benefits.

Thallium is a poison and I first recall hearing about it as a Thallium Stress Test for the heart. All the definitions of this test talk about thallium being tagged with radioactivity to assess blood flow and blockages but they don’t mention that it’s a poison in and of itself. Why they continue to use it is another mystery of allopathetic medicine.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of the 140-ounce green drink diet because I’ve had these faddists test low on magnesium and display magnesium deficiency heart palpitations and leg cramps. They assume they are getting lots of minerals with their juice diet but if the soil doesn’t have the minerals then the plants can’t possibly have them either.

If you read the Mother Jones article, it quotes another magazine and a story about people at a Marin County clinic who turned up with hard-to-diagnose symptoms that were finally thought to be due to higher than normal levels of thallium in the blood.

There is only a small amount of thallium in the Earth’s crust, so it mainly comes from coal burning plants, cement plants, oil drilling, smelting, and medical waste.

What’s the take-away from this story? Eat and drink everything in moderation – except, take lots of ReMag – which actually, along with ReMyte and ReAline help you detoxify any thallium that finds its way into your body!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

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