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Sugar? Not So Sweet

August 13, 2015

I’ve spoken up about the dangers of too much sugar for decades. My comments on a national Canadian TV show in the early 1990’s about a book on sugar that I was writing got me investigated, admonished and ended with my expired license being revoked. It didn’t matter that I was no longer practicing in Canada; I had left the country to do AIDS research in New York. And it made no difference that I didn’t even have a Canadian license. The point was to send a message to all doctors that if you speak out against sugar and practice alternative medicine, you will lose your license. That’s why doctors do not and cannot give you anything but prescriptions for drugs and referrals to specialist who give more drugs and do surgery.

I suppose vindication is the word for what I see happening of late. The Huffington Post writes: The Vast Majority Of Us Drink Too Many Sugar-Sweetened Beverages: Blame Big Soda for putting a huge burden on public health. The scientific journal Plos One and the journal Circulation published findings about the public health impact of sugary drink consumption. The study concluded that: Sugary drinks cause preventable deaths and disabilities in high-, middle- and low-income countries.

The researchers attributed 184,000 worldwide deaths per year — from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer — to sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. The U.S. ranked 26th out of 187 countries for the most sugary beverages consumed, amounting to 1 serving per person, per day. Extensive research shows that sugary drinks a major contributor to obesity in the United States. The obesity epidemic costs the country an estimated $190 billion per year, treating obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to the Harvard School of Health.

The Huffington Post article discusses how Big Soda views this research. Just as I wrote about in my Death by Modern Medicine chapter “Death by Sugar,” the major soft drink companies are in huge denial about the dangers of sugar. They insist – in spite of all evidence to the contrary – that sugar’s only downside is dental cavities. Sugar-induced obesity they claim is simply due to lack of exercise.

And Big Soda has Big Lobby behind it. Anytime any government organization tries to implement sugar advisories, they are lobbied within an inch of their lives. In 2003, the WHO tried to limit added sugars to 10% of calories in the diet. The sugar industry lobbied the U.S. government to withhold its $400 million funding from the UN and WHO to stop this recommendation. The Sugar Association, in a letter to Dr. Brundtland, threatened that ‘We will exercise every avenue available to expose the dubious nature of the Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases Report.’ A spokeswoman for the Sugar Association says the WHO recommendation is unscientific and is far below the Institute of Medicine recommendation that up to 25% of calories can safely come from added sugars.”

When the FDA announced a proposal to include a daily recommended value (DRV) for added sugars on the Nutrition Facts label of packaged foods and dietary supplements Fortune Magazine reports that Big Soda is in a Froth.

You can google and read about all these facts but the bottom line is that sugar tastes good and the sugar industry has been manipulating that taste since we were toddlers and the only way to end it is for you to eat sugar in moderation. Remember, at any one time there are only 2 tsp of sugar in your blood stream. But when you drink a Big Gulp, which is 44 ounces, you are downing 523 calories and 35 tsp of sugar catapulting your pancreas, insulin and blood glucose into a roller coaster ride.

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