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The End of Primary Care

August 8, 2015

My recent post – “Health Insurance Is Big Business” had me scratching my head as to why medicine even bothers with primary care doctors – since all they do is make referrals to specialists. Then I found this review – “Is Primary Care Essential?” in The Lancet. Oct 1994. The paper was written by Barbara Starfield MD, who has since died due to iatrogenic medicine (see my blog – Magnesium & Blood Clots).

Starfield said: “Primary care is widely perceived to be the backbone of a rational health services system. But is this perception correct? Some see it as an anachronism in the present medical era, denying and delaying the specialist attention to which patients are entitled. When primary care physicians act as “gatekeepers” to specialist services, what is the effect on outcomes? How many general practitioners are needed in a primary-care-oriented system?”

I was a primary care doctor and took care of patients from head to toe and only had to refer to specialists occasionally. All that’s been turned upside down because medicine is so focused on drugs and surgery. A family doctor who actually does a physical examination, knows your whole family, looks at the whole person, listens to you, gives commonsense advice, encourages lifestyle improvements, reassures you and could potentially recommend alternatives to drugs is no longer an option.

People often ask me if I think medicine is becoming more open to alternatives and I say Absolutely Not. I now realize that’s because there are no family doctors, who look at the whole picture, but just specialists with their drug and surgery protocols for your various body parts.

What’s a person to do? Below I list my radio show, my recommendations and my books so you can find the best resources to take care of your own health without having to resort to doctors and drugs.

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