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What’s Worse Than Cancer?

August 2, 2015

Is there anything worse than having advanced cancer? It seems there is. And it’s caused by allopathetic medicine. Out-of-Pocket Costs More Stressful Than Cancer – This survey showed that more than 30% of patients with advanced cancer rated their financial distress and its associated anxiety, depression, and poor quality of life to be more traumatizing to them than their cancer.

There is a huge ethical argument, that medicine seems to ignore, about cancer drugs being exorbitantly expensive and insurance companies refusing to pay for some of them. But everyone is missing the point that chemo and radiation have very limited success. You can read the Death by Cancer chapter of my Death by Modern Medicine book for the gory details. And when patients complain or argue with their doctors about treatment and demand equal access to alternative, many patients are told point-blank that if they don’t do chemo, radiation and surgery they are going to die. Countless people are driven from doctors’ offices by this attitude.

First cancer, then bankruptcy, and if you stray away from what the doctors say – you told you’ll die anyway. And if you happen to be in a public hospital versus a private hospital your financial distress is doubled

The researchers lamented that doctors had no tools to assess financial distress! DUH. How about asking the patient if the treatments being prescribed are bankrupting them! Most doctors don’t have a clue how much drugs, surgery and chemo are actually costing patients and insurance companies

Here’s an example of the high cost of medicine. A friend recently had surgery for cancer of the uterus. It was a laparotomy with a one-night hospital stay. She was in and out. Then the billing department bungled her insurance claim – instead of sorting it out they billed her for the $100,000! It took her a month of daily calls and a lot of anger and frustration to get things sorted out – all while she was trying to recover from cancer surgery

I don’t treat cancer per se. But I do say you can support your body by getting all the right building blocks from the Total Body ReSet formulas. I also offer information on Total Biology, which regards cancer as the body’s “solution to an unsolvable conflict.” You can read more about Total Biology in a previous blog called Don’t Fear Cancer. I’ve also talked about Total Biology on several radio show broadcasts that you can access at Dr. Carolyn Dean Live.


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