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September 26, 2015

Michael Sandler emailed me one week ago saying: “Your beautiful and SUPER informative video interview is now LIVE for free on iTunes. It’s called ‘Why We’re All Magnesium Deficient – Top Signs & What to Do.’” The interview may be easier to access for people who don’t have an iTunes account on the RnA ReSet Facebook Page.

Michael has one of those very healthy “infectious” personalities as he shares his love for health and making people happy. I was very excited to do this interview with Michael because I knew it would be fun and because he and his wife Jessica Lee are all over the internet and have a youthful following. They have written books about Barefoot Running and Walking, have a blog on Huffington Post, are motivational speakers, and have just launched the Inspire Nation Show an inspirational Podcast with me as their FIRST GUEST.

**Note: Podcasts are free online radio shows. There’s no cost, you simply log in to your iTunes account if you are on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or download iTunes* (for full directions see the end of this email), and you can listen all you want for free. If you’re on an Android phone, just head over to our website – see below.

Here is their Inspire Nation website, and they also have a website for meditation and running called Mindful Running.

About the interview Michael said “Before reading your books on magnesium we had NO IDEA how important it is. We were taking supplement after supplement to help us heal from a very rough year, and yet we were still struggling.

Then we interviewed you and WOW! I brought up topic after topic, symptom after symptom, and you would list the causes (usually magnesium deficiency); the research; what was indicated or contraindicated; and even the best form of magnesium and how much to take. It was fascinating, and made us believers.

You covered such a wide-range of topics too; pretty much every health concern we have, or our friends and family may have. It was amazing how much you covered in such a short period of time!”

When you go to our iTunes interview you will see Michael’s awesome description of our Podcast, which is an educational experience in itself.

And here follows Michael and Jessica’s experience with the Total Body ReSet formulas, which they were inspired to share with me and now with you:

“Personally, we are greatly enjoying the benefits of ReMag and your Total Body ReSet formulas. Jessica calls the sea salt, ReMag and ReMyte combination Miracle Water, not Mineral Water!

First, we’re both recovering from mold toxicity. Jessica (age 34) is completely exhausted after a day of work, and if she goes on a run, it would wipe her out for the rest of the day (if not the following day as well). And she’s been getting terrible cramps as well. Here’s what she’s found:

1. She’s not tired after a run, not at all, and doesn’t have to go back to bed for the rest of the day.

2. She has more energy through the day.

3. She’s not wiped out after work.

4. She’s sleeping better and waking up more rested.

5. Her favorite effect is that her skin has less wrinkles! Out of anything she’s ever tried, EVER, this is the first thing that appears to be reversing wrinkles and making her face look younger, like it’s holding moisture or returning baby fat to her face (not really fat, she hasn’t gained weight, actually lost a few pounds!).

6. She had NO cramps this month. That’s close to a first for her.

7. Oh, and did I mention, she’s gone from exhausted, to kicking my butt on the trails. And yes, I was a professional runner!

Here’s the link to catch their incredible interview which covered so many health concerns!

Now as for me:

1. I get so energized I can’t sleep! Actually, I gotta be careful not to take the Miracle Water at night.

2. It’s helping my muscles relax.

3. My whole right calf has been tight for YEARS and it’s finally letting go. That is HUGE. It means I’m running without worrying about pulling or tearing up my calf. That’s awesome!!! And it’s important for trying to keep up with Jessica now.

4. I also feel I’m recovering faster because I can run day after day without having to worry about my body falling apart. I’m not your average 45 year old, I’ve had several near death accidents, and in the last two years, broke over a dozen bones in my body. I have two titanium femurs and two titanium hips. And in the last few weeks since I’ve started on the magnesium I’m running the best I’ve run in years. A mighty woo hoo and WOW!!!

5. I also feel I have more energy, which I’m grateful for, because with the launch of our radio show last week, we haven’t gotten much sleep. But I seem to be getting more out of the little sleep I’m getting. I believe the ReMag is helping here, but if it’s a placebo affect I’ll take that as well!”

You can check out our amazing interview here!

Michael continues “I’m very grateful for the results we’re seeing so quickly, it’s only been a few weeks. What I’m most hopeful for are the following three things:

1. A return to healthy bones – my doctors found mine to be scarily brittle, perhaps due to a lifetime of hypoglycemia.

2. Clearing out any potential calcium build-up or plaque that may be in my arteries. I’m told the calcium from the bones had to go somewhere. But I’m confident the magnesium will help.

3. A return to perfect health with happy healthy, joints, bones, and muscles after the accidents. I feel like I’m well on my way!

4. And if it the formulas help my digestion and blood sugar (which has been doing much better over the last few years) I’ll take that as well.”

In our interview, I was given the opportunity to explain why 100 ounces of green drink a day can still leave you deficient in magnesium and other minerals; why a raw diet can lead to “dampness” (according the Chinese Medicine) in the intestines and yeast overgrowth and worsen mold exposure or allergies; and why taking too much kefir for its wonderful probiotic effect can give you an overload of calcium and bump out your magnesium! Michael was shocked at what I had to say because it helped explain symptoms that he and Jessica suffered, all the while thinking they were eating better than 99.9% of the population!

As Michael told me, his new radio show is breaking all records and I can see why! So, join the infectious Michael Sandler and his viral podcast! Here’s a link to listen on iTunes. And here’s a link if you have android phones or want to watch on video.

*To listen on iTunes (Note: This only takes 2 minutes to set up.):

1.    Click the iTunes link.

2.    Click the large blue “FREE DOWNLOAD” button.

3.    Download iTunes.

4.    Type “Inspire Nation” in the top right search bar.

5.    Click on the LARGE Inspire Nation Square Logo.

A list of Inspire Nation Shows will Appear.

6.    Click and play “Top Signs You’re Magnesium Deficient”

7.    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are now able to listen to many great shows on iTunes! (Michael would add Woo Hoo!!!)

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

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