Diabetes Drug May Break Your Bones

September 13, 2015

This is CFA Dean, reporting from the frontlines about the war on disease where the collateral damage continues to mount. August 30, 2015 I wrote the following blog: 6 Billion Dollar Diabetes Drug Causes Severe Joint Pain. Hot on its heels is the following warning about another diabetic drug: FDA Strengthens Fracture Warning for Canagliflozin.

Canagliflozin (Invokana, Invokamet) has been given a strong FDA warning because of an increased risk for bone fractures. By some extreme stretch of somebody’s imagination that warning is supposed to protect patients who take the drug! Oh, no, I’ve got that wrong – it protects the drug companies because if you sue them for breaking your bones they can say “we told you so!” The real question is, if the FDA is supposed to protect consumers, why don’t they pull a drug that’s harming people?

Canagliflozin’s adverse reaction list already mentions the risk for bone fractures but the numbers are increasing. Several clinical trials confirmed arm fractures as early as 12 weeks after starting the drug, and they can happen after even a minor fall. Canagliflozin can also decrease bone mineral density at the hip and lower spine. The drug has only been on the market since March 2013 and it’s only through post-market surveillance that we can start adding up these very negative effects.

Allopathetic medicine’s response will be to put you on osteoporosis drugs but, read this blog first: Build Better Bones. Medicine doesn’t know what causes these fractures and decreased bone density, but I have an idea. Canagliflozin is another one of those fluoride drugs and what if that fluoride starts binding magnesium and depositing MgF2 into the bones and making them thin and brittle? Fluoride is added to many drugs to make them stronger and allow them to push past barriers and get inside cells. Researchers say that these drugs don’t release fluoride when tested in a lab. But the body is not a lab and a lab doesn’t have a few trillion microorganisms such as the ones that live in our gut that play havoc with drugs and can break them down into a dangerous chemical stew.

Researchers do say that Canagliflozin and its relatives increase the concentration of phosphate in serum, which has the potential to adversely affect bone. What they don’t say is that almost all enzymatic processes using phosphorus require magnesium for activation. Which means that the more phosphorous on board, the more magnesium that is used up in order to metabolize it.

These drugs also increase concentrations of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Magnesium and calcium have a complex and important relationship to PTH. Increased levels of magnesium will decrease PTH concentration. However, an increase in PTH concentration will enhance bone resorption and increase the risk for bone fractures if there isn’t enough magnesium around to keep it in check.

It’s likely that magnesium therapy could overcome both high phosphorous and high PTH. But it’s highly unlikely that you will see any clinical trials evaluating my theory anytime soon! That means you have to do your own personal clinical trial. Instead of a n=thousands of trial participants, you will do a trial where n=1 and that 1 is you.

Seriously, you only have to prove it to yourself that magnesium is working for you but it also does depend on the type of magnesium you use. I’ve been writing about magnesium for over 15 years and in the last few years I’ve become more concerned that even if people know about magnesium they may get turned off by the laxative effect caused by most forms of magnesium and never reach therapeutic levels. You can read more about my magnesium called ReMag at RnA ReSet. It’s 100% absorbed at the cellular level and does not cause a laxative effect.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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