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What! More Drugs for Blood Pressure?

September 11, 2015

Hold onto your blood pressure cuff folks! Researchers jubilantly announce that forcing your blood pressure lower than the numbers we’ve held sacred for decades can save your life. Instead of allowing a 140/90 BP for people over 60, the study calls for lowering that number to 120/80 – the BP of a young adult. The NY Times wrote “‘Lifesaving’ Study Urges New Goals on Blood Pressure.” But there’s something fishy about this study because they stopped it a full year before completion.

The only way doctors know how to force your BP lower is to give more drugs. But here’s the problem. Many people are plagued with calcified plaque in their arteries (due to magnesium deficiency) and their BP is a response to rigid blood vessels. Lower the BP too much and there won’t be enough pressure to push blood up to the brain and you can suffer dizziness and falls. Also, a BP lower than 130-140/90 is seen to be detrimental to diabetics. The extra year of the study would have sorted out all these variables.

The best part of the New York Times article is the Comments section. There were hundreds of responses within a few hours of publication. I was extremely heartened to see a veritable backlash of protest against the cavalier promotion of 2-3 blood pressure drugs to another 79 million people, using questionable data. The public is obviously waking up.

One comment from a doctor sums up the prevailing sentiment: “No one is in danger except the thousands of patients who will now be overmedicated to reach an exaggerated goal based on a single study that was not even completed. Presumably, had the study been left to run it’s course, the side effects of aggressively lowering blood pressure this much would have time to reveal themselves. Better quit while you’re ahead, especially if you have drugs to market, no?”

The comments are very educational, you will learn a lot when you scan them. But nowhere in the article or in the comments was magnesium mentioned as the natural treatment for blood pressure. And no one seems to realize that blood pressure medication causes magnesium deficiency, which leads to diabetes and high cholesterol.

When you go into your doctor’s office and have your blood pressure checked, at least 1/3rd of you will have white coat syndrome giving you elevated blood pressure because of the stress of simply being there. The more magnesium-deficient you are, the higher your BP. Without another word, your doctor will likely put you on a BP medication – especially on the heels of this new study.

What do you do? A friend of mine was given the hairy eyeball by a doctor who said his BP was dangerously high and told him to see a specialist immediately. He picked up a BP cuff at the drugstore and when he got home his BP was normal. If your intent is to stay off medications, then you do have to take responsibility for your health because your doctor’s intent is to put you on drugs.

What would I recommend? Magnesium, of course. Here’s a message from our sponsor. ReMag is a stabilized ionic form of magnesium that is 100% absorbed at the cellular level and capable of reaching therapeutic levels that can help treat dozens of health conditions, including high blood pressure. ReMag is also necessary to help restore your magnesium stores if you are taking medications. I do not recommend stopping meds cold turkey. Personally, I would take ReMag, ReMyte and probably add ReAline and RnA Drops to create a strong cellular foundation, and after my symptoms go away I would work with my doctor to wean off my meds. Read more about ReMag by downloading the free eBook at RnA ReSet.

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