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Is Your Brain Rewired?

October 9, 2015

Is Your Brain Rewired? It should be, because I wrote a blog Rewire Your Brain Summit a week ago so you could sign up to Rewire Your Brain. And now, I’m reminding you that my interview with Marna Thall airs today. Marna is extending the time of my interview so it runs throughout the weekend, so if you forgot to sign up, you can do it now and listen at your leisure.

Marna is a weight-loss coach and not only counsels clients but teaches weight-loss coaching. You can check out her website Thin Within and learn more.

During our discussion I had another opportunity to remind listeners that minerals are the basis of the structure and function of the human body. Here are some facts:

1. Magnesium deficiency causes insomnia, fatigue and apathy – which means you don’t have the energy to exercise or cook a healthy meal. ReMag is the solution.

2. Iodine deficiency slows down your thyroid – but selenium, magnesium, zinc, and 5 other minerals are also necessary for proper thyroid function. All these minerals are in ReMyte.

3. Chronic stress makes the body feel under attack and produces cortisol, which helps store extra calories in fat cells around your belly. Supporting the adrenals with magnesium (ReMag) sodium (in sea salt), B vitamins (in our ReAline) help reduce stress and eliminate excess cortisol.

Sign up for Rewire Your Brain Summit and you can listen to interviews all weekend!

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SUMMITS: Websites will be added as the Summits come online.

1. 2015 Body Black Belt Summit with Health Coach, Travis Richardson runs from Sept 21-Oct 1. My interview was on Sept 24.

2. Rewire Your Brain Summit with Marna Thall launches Oct 5, 2015, my interview is Oct 9.

3. Female Fat Loss Summit with Dr Kellee Rutley launches Oct 5, 2015 – my interview is Oct 7.

4. No More Muffin Top Summit with Elle Lakovenko launches Oct 5-Oct 21.

5. The More Life Summit with Gregory Ann Cox launches Oct 19, 2015.

6. The Gut Health Turn Around Series – 21 Ways to Heal Your Gut: Reclaim Your Energy, and Look and Feel Amazing with Health Coach, Leah Kline. Airs Nov 1st -21st. 8.

7. Create Your Badass Life: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Create A Life You Love” with Terry Sobon. Going live November 16th, 2015.

8. The Sexy Summit: Simple Secrets for Living Your Most Vibrant, Healthy & Sexy Life with Christi Cass launches Nov 16.

9. Kick the Sugar! How to Live a Vibrant, Energetic Life and Kick Diabetes to the Curb with Tursha’ Hamilton, ND.

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