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No Muffin Top Summit

October 29, 2015

Elle Lakovenko is a Wholistic Wellness Coach and bikini model, who interviewed me for the No Muffin Top Summit. Our talk, about the importance of magnesium in weight loss, will be aired Friday October 30, 2015.

Magnesium activates enzymes that control digestion, absorption, and the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Lack of magnesium causes improper utilization of food, leading to such far-ranging symptoms as hypoglycemia, anxiety, and obesity.

Food craving and overeating can be simply a desire to continue eating past fullness because the body is, in fact, craving nutrients that are missing from processed food. You continue to eat empty calories that pack on the pounds but get you no further ahead in your nutrient requirements.

Magnesium is also necessary in the chemical reaction that allows insulin to usher glucose into cells, where glucose is involved in making energy for the body. If there is not enough magnesium to do this job, both insulin and glucose become elevated. The excess glucose gets stored as fat and contributes to obesity. Having excess insulin puts you on the road toward diabetes.

The connection between stress and obesity cannot be overlooked. The chemical cortisol responds to stress by storing fat around your belly – thus the muffin top. The body feels it is under an attack such that it must hoard all its resources, including fat stores, and won’t let go of them under any inducement. Magnesium can effectively neutralize the effects of stress and cortisol.

Elle also said she recently began taking magnesium again and she was amazed that she had less food cravings and felt much calmer and happier almost immediately.

During our talk, I asked Elle if she suffered muscle spasms from holding poses in her modeling competitions. She said she had to stand on the stage with her muscles in extreme flexion and the next day she would have nerve and muscle pain throughout her body. I talked with her about ReMag and Elle now knows that therapeutic amounts of ReMag will prevent her muscle spasms and assist her recovery.

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