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Reviewing the Vaccine Business

October 22, 2015

If you want a first-hand look at the burgeoning pharmaceutical vaccine business, read the 2013, 36-page Report on the Prevention and Treatment of Disease Through Vaccines presented by Americas Biopharmaceutical Research Companies. The title of the article “Nearly 300 Vaccines Are in Development” is revealing. The opening statement conveys the deeply rooted, yet erroneous belief that vaccines save lives and they should be used for every disease possible.

For me, it’s another “I told you so” moment, because I warned about this in my book, Death by Modern Medicine when I quoted investigative journalist Helke Ferrie. Helke attended the 2004, Canadian Forum on Pharmaceutical Marketing and wrote in her article “The Search for Ethics in Medicine” that “Vaccines are the new frontier of corporate medicine.” In this marketing forum she heard the drug makers say that patients were becoming suspicious of drugs and their side effects, so the solution was going to be more widespread vaccination.

Allopathetic medicine is selling their ‘Vaccines For All’ program by embedding vaccine education in doctor’s mandatory, continuing medical education (CME) programs. Advocating for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention: Improving the Patient-Provider Dialogue  provides credits that are sponsored by vaccine manufacturer Merck to teach doctors how to convince patients that they can’t live without vaccines.

Here is an excerpt from the CME course: “A 45-year old woman has nephrotic syndrome (kidney disease), mild hypertension, and hypothyroidism. Her current medications include corticosteroids. She is meeting today for the first time with Dr. John Doe, a family physician. Here is their “conversation.”

Dr. John: I’m happy to report you’re doing fine. Your kidney disease, hypertension, and thyroid disease are well controlled (with your medications).

Patient: That’s a relief. And, you’ve been terrific Dr. John.

Dr. John: Today I’d like to discuss some routine wellness issues with you. I’d like you to get vaccinated against a certain type of bacterial pneumonia.

The ensuing dialogue, after the patient gave the doctor a pat on the back, is really an educational script that brings up all the possible objections from patients and how the doctor should answer. Basically, the patient is being told that because of the medications she is on, her immune system is weakened and she is at a higher risk for pneumonia but, help is on the way, because the vaccine will protect her.

However, there haven’t been the proper studies to determine such declarative statement by the doctor. And there have not been enough vaccine clinical trials – especially with people on various medications to show if it’s going to work. Let’s look at the flu vaccine that is being pushed so much that people think it’s normal.

The non profit, non aligned, Cochrane Collaboration found that: “The preventive effect of parenteral inactivated influenza vaccine on healthy adults is small: only 1 out of 71 patients receiving vaccinated can expect to avoid the flu. And in those that are vaccinated and still get the flu, vaccination shows no appreciable effect on working days lost or hospitalisation.”

Even with vaccinations showing so poorly in clinical testing, the battle lines are being drawn. California is making them mandatory. The Huffington Post republished an article noting the three exceptions to forced vaccination. They are: medical, special education and homeschooling. For a medical exemption “Young children and students may obtain a written medical exemption to vaccinations from a licensed physician. The reason for the medical exemption may include family medical history.”

Another war, already won by the drug companies, is that they are not legally liable for injuries suffered by vaccination victims. On The National Vaccine Information Center, Barbara Loe Fisher writes “February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government when companies could have made a safer vaccine.”

My only wish is that doctors would abide by their Hippocratic Oath of “First Do No Harm” and if they claim that medicine is scientific, then take a good look at the vaccine studies and see how poorly they support the widespread use of this modality.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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