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Rewire Your Brain Summit

October 2, 2015

The Season of Summits continues as you join thousands of listeners for Marna Thall’s Rewire Your Brain Summit. In fact, this summit is being promoted to over 400,000 people! The Summit launches in a few days on Oct 5, 2015 and runs until Oct 16. My interview is on Oct 9th.

In this audio interview I wanted to talk more about the effects of yeast overgrowth on hormone balance but we didn’t get too far past the importance of magnesium and minerals. For more on yeast, tune into Summit #7, The Gut Health Turn Around Series, the dates of which will be announced soon. (See Summit List below.)

In the Rewire your Brain Summit, Marna and I talk about using the right magnesium and minerals to provide the right building blocks for all our hormones: adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones. When your thyroid hormones are low, your metabolism slows down and you gain weight. When your adrenal glands are spewing out the stress hormone, cortisol, you will gain belly fat. When your estrogen is dominant over your progesterone, you will also gain weight. So, your best defense is an offense provided by ReMag and ReMyte minerals.

And, don’t wait until you have symptoms. We know that most people are deficient in magnesium and most other minerals and replacing them before you become symptomatic can be lifesaving. But, the reality is that it’s not healthy people that tune into Summits, it’s people who are struggling with weight and other health issues. That’s why Summits like Marna’s can be so helpful to learn new ways of handling your problems and reinforce what you probably already know.

I won’t give away too much more about our interview and let you hear it yourself. However, if you have been reading my blogs and books, you may already be familiar with my methods. But it doesn’t matter – the more you hear the information, the more convinced you will become that it’s the right approach for you: A simple program with just a few nutrients and a lot of commonsense.

Here is the schedule of speakers on the Rewire Your Brain Summit:

Monday 5th – Marna Thall and Brad Yates

Tuesday 6th – Chris Kendall and Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Wed. 7th – Nilofar Safdar and Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Thurs. 8th – Wendi Friesen and Sherri Nickols

Fri. 9th – Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Carolyn Dean

Monday 10th – Cassie Bjork and Annie Stoker

Tuesday 11th – Dr. Melissa McCreery and Linda Spangle

Wed. 12th – Teresa Tapp and Gillian Hood

Thurs. 13th – Dr. Douglas Graham and Kerry Tepedino

Fri. – 14th – Dr. Anna Cabeca and John Assaraf

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SUMMITS: Websites to be added as they come online.

1. 2015 Body Black Belt Summit with Health Coach, Travis Richardson runs from Sept 21-Oct 1. My interview was on Sept 24.

2. Rewire Your Brain Summit with Marna Thall launches Oct 5, 2015.

3. Female Fat Loss Summit with Dr Kellee Rutley launches Oct 5, 2015 – my interview is Oct 7.

4. The More Life Summit with Gregory Ann Cox launches Oct 19, 2015.

5. The Sexy Summit: Simple Secrets for Living Your Most Vibrant, Healthy & Sexy Life with Christi Cass launches Nov 16.

6. No More Muffin Top Summit with Elle Lakovenko launches Oct 19.

7. The Gut Health Turn Around Series – 21 Ways to Heal Your Gut: Reclaim Your Energy, and Look and Feel Amazing with Health Coach, Leah Kline. Airs Nov 1st -21st.

8. Create Your Badass Life: Unleash The Power Of Your Mind, Body And Spirit To Create A Life You Love” with Terry Sobon. Going live November 16th, 2015.

9. Kick the Sugar! How to Live a Vibrant, Energetic Life and Kick Diabetes to the Curb with Tursha’ Hamilton, ND.

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