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Antidoting Holiday Food and Drink Experiments

November 26, 2015

I know many of you will be doing “The Experiment” today and throughout the holiday season. I’m right there with you. Four nights ago I had a sumptuous dinner ending with 3 scoops of sorbet at one of the fine hotel restaurants near where I live. The next morning I woke with a headache – because I forgot to take my digestive enzymes, ReAline and Vitamin C. So, I got right back in the saddle last night to have the same meal, along with a tequila mixed-drink and mango/raspberry sorbet – making up the sugary components.

During this meal, I took two ReAline after my cocktail, two NOW Foods of Super Enzymes during the meal and two ascorbic acid 500mg capsules after dessert. And here I am at 6am writing this blog having woken up at my usual 4am with no headache or hangover feeling. With my history of yeast overgrowth, I RARELY drink alcohol because it is yeast’s favorite food. Those of us with yeast are already making our own alcohol and acetaldehyde (the hangover chemical) so more alcohol just adds fuel to the fire. ReAline with its methylated B’s and sulfur amino acid precursors to glutathione metabolizes alcohol – and sugars.

We have had people reporting experiments using ReAline and recording results using pre and post drinking breathalyzer testing. They take 1 ReAline for every shot and don’t get an elevation of blood alcohol levels and they don’t feeling whacked out or drunk. I’m not saying that ReAline will make everyone immune to alcohol but it should help your liver metabolize it quickly. You would have to do the experiment yourself to see how you react. Since most readers of my blog are on the Total Body ReSet formulas you probably already have ReAline sitting in your cupboard.

NOW brand, Superenzymes, contain pancreatic enzymes and hydrochloric acid – enzymes for carbs and HCL for protein. Most enzymes are just that – and don’t have the HCL component, which I find necessary since I’m a meat eater. The HCL helped digest my lobster tempura and medium-rare rib eye meal.

I’ve been using Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 500mg, as an antidote to sugar consumption for decades. I may not need it along with my ReAline, but I throw it into the mix just in case.

Because I don’t eat gluten foods, and the tempura is definitely glutenized, I can have some gas with this type of meal – but somehow the combination of ReAline, Superenzmes and Vitamin C kept my gut calm and I had a great uninterrupted sleep last night. Also, my daily ReMag is helping the digestion of gluten metabolites and supporting liver detoxification.

What can happen, if I don’t take all my antidotes, is a range of annoying and sometimes painful gas and bloating that keeps me awake all night.

In the morning, after a food and alcohol experiment, depending on the state of my intestines and head and energy, I might do a coffee enema. Before bed I get the coffee ready by putting 3 TBSP of finely ground organic coffee in a 32 ounce mason jar. Shake it up and let it sit on the kitchen counter overnight and it’s ready for action in the morning. I shake it up again in the morning and let it sit for a few minutes. I don’t even strain it because the coffee settles to the bottom so I just pour it into the enema bag. I use clear disposable enema bags from Amazon.

For more information, I talk about coffee enemas on my radio show, you can click on the archive and listen. Or you can read my blog Time for a Coffee…Enema with links to the details of the procedure.

Here are some of my personal tips to smooth out your enema experience:

  • Do your enema after a bowel movement.
  • Hang the bag about 3 feet from the floor using an S-curve hook or hang it around the top of a coat hanger.
  • Make yourself comfortable with a folded-up towel and pillow and lie on a big plastic bag covered with a couple of paper towels.
  • Use George’s Aloe gel as your lubricant for in and around your anus and along the nozzle that you will insert. (Don’t be squeamish – that’s why we invented soap!)
  • A major health tip is to close your ileocecal valve while the coffee is flowing into your lower intestine. You want the enema liquid to stay in the large intestine, so after you introduce the nozzle several inches, open the enema valve and then place both fingertips at your right hip bone – with your palms facing your left shoulder. With a quick movement, scoop down and forward, cupping your fingers in place until all the enema liquid has entered your large intestine. This action will hold the valve joining your small and large intestine closed – not allowing any liquid into your small intestine. This technique can potentially help to prevent leaky gut because it keeps the valve closed against migrating yeast. Here is a YouTube video showing the proper placement of your fingers to hold the ileocecal valve closed.

I took my morning walk in the middle of writing this blog and with perfect timing and validation, a neighbor, who is the manager of the golf course that I traverse on my way to the beach, told me that he was close to giving up drinking alcohol because of how 1-2 glasses of wine makes him feel in the morning. I told him I thought alcohol avoidance was a good idea but that for special occasions, he should be able to indulge. I told I was writing a blog about ReAline and how it helps the liver detoxify alcohol. He’s definitely going to get ReAline along with his next order of ReMag and ReMyte – and so should you! You can also give holiday gifts of all the Total Body ReSet formulas for friends and family.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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