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Menopausal Solutions with CJ Liu

November 17, 2015

In early Sept 2015, CJ Liu asked me to do a video interview on menopause. CJ is Holistic, Life Coach, and she did an awesome job of editing our interview creating three separate videos and a fourth summary file. The files are just a click away but first let’s review how allopathetic medicine approaches menopause.

Researchers, in 2014, said that Hot Flashes May Signal Fracture Risk in about 10% of menopausal women. Researchers insist that “Improved understanding would help clinicians advise women on how to prevent osteoporosis and other bone conditions.” This statement belies the fact that doctors have had no success with treating osteoporosis. They use calcium and Vitamin D as their treatments of choice and pay no attention to magnesium.

Calcium has failed in the treatment of osteoporosis. During one decade, 1984–1993, when calcium supplementation was heavily promoted, the incidence rose an alarming 700%. Also, Dr. Mark Bolland and his team have proven, in half a dozen studies, that women who take calcium supplements are at a greater risk for heart disease.

Unfortunately, a similar trend of fad leading to defeat may be happening with Vitamin D. It is recommended for osteoporosis because it increase the uptake of calcium leading to denser bones. However, the current trend of giving Vitamin D in high doses pulls too much calcium from the diet and in the process depletes magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the transformation of storage vitamin D, such as found in supplements or from the sun, into active vitamin D. The more vitamin D you take, the more you deplete magnesium. I have cases of people developing seizures, 8-week migraines and atrial fibrillation after taking high-dose Vitamin D.

Yes, there is a balance point – Vitamins A,D,K from Blue Ice Royal, 600-900mg of elemental magnesium from ReMag, 1.5-2 tsp of ReMyte (my multiple mineral) which is my recommendation for menopausal hot flashes and bone health? In my clinical experience, magnesium actually diminishes hot flashes and night sweats. So, I would theorize that the 10 percent of study patients who reported moderate to severe hot flashes and/or night sweats likely suffered magnesium deficiency and that condition led them to have a higher rate of fractures.

A good diet, exercise and avoidance of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes are important lifestyle choices to prevent and treat osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Now, here’s your homework. The first three urls are videos of my interview with CJ and the fourth is a summary of resources. Please share widely.

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