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New Hips Versus Old

November 20, 2015

My massage therapist recently told me about a new client, who is a doctor. He told the doctor that his knee and ankle pains probably had to do with problems with his hips. The doctor immediately denied this saying his hips were just fine – he just had them both replaced!!

I can hear the collective DUH! Lord Sufferin’ Cats! Didn’t this so-called educated man realize that the reason he had to get his hips replaced was because there was something very wrong with his alignment? Do doctors just think we are bags of chemicals with replaceable parts? It seems so.

Every morning during my extended 75-minute beach walk, I see more and more people walking and running like ducks. In June 2014, I asked readers Do You Walk Like A Duck? And I’m asking it again because it is so important. When you walk, look down at your toes. Are they pointing straight ahead or out at various angles. If they are not pointing straight ahead, they are out of position and putting a strain on all your feet, legs, knees, thighs, hips and spine. Constantly stressing those joints with every step can eventually wear out your joints. But, hey, if you take the doctor’s advice, you can just get yourself some new joints – it’s all the rage.

You can reread Do You Walk Like A Duck? because my recommendations are still the same. They include an Egoscue alignment assessment, an Egoscue Tower and ReMag and ReMyte, all of which would make a great holiday gift for yourself! And it’s a much better way to acquire new hips!

In case you’ve forgotten here are my – Mineral Repletion Guidelines:

Water Intake: Drink ½ your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water. If you weigh 150 lbs, you will drink 75 ounces. Sea salt or Himalayan salt: Add ¼ – ½ tsp to every quart of drinking water – to one of those bottles add ReMag and ReMyte.

ReMag: Start with ¼ tsp per day in a quart of water and sip through the day. Every 2 days add another ¼ tsp. Work up to a therapeutic dose of 2-3 tsp a day if you are trying to overcome a health condition, if you are on medications or otherwise have magnesium deficiency symptoms.

ReMyte: After a week of slowly building up ReMag, slowly add ReMyte into the same quart of water and sip through the day. Every 2 days add another ¼ tsp. Work up to 1 ½ -2 tsp.

Your Homework Assignment: Read Invisible Minerals: Part I –  Magnesium and Invisible Minerals: Part II – Multiple Minerals

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