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Should Doctors Be Tested For Competence At Age 65?

November 15, 2015

Now that’s a great question that was asked on a Medscape forum. Should Doctors Be Tested For Competence At Age 65? Apparently the tentacles of bureaucracy have wormed their way so deeply into medicine that a doctor who has spent a dozen years studying his/her craft can be sidelined at this arbitrary age. Personally, I’m over 65 and I feel I’m just getting started, so, I find this potential ruling offensive.

However, I have a deeper concern and must swing that question around 180 degrees and demand that ALL doctors be tested for Competence because I see failure everywhere. Doctors have fallen into a system of practicing medicine that is not serving patients. You all know what I’m talking about: 7-minute appointments; primary care docs who are just drug dispensers or serving as referral robots for specialists; expensive health care insurance that only covers drugs and surgery and doesn’t cover healthy options like natural supplements. Many doctors don’t like being a cog in the wheel of modern medicine any more than patients do. Obama Care keeps decreasing their salaries to help balance the budget; they are forced to see far more patients than is reasonable or safe; their surgical referrals have to be approved by a non-medical gatekeeper; they are employees not independent professionals.

As more and more doctors take more and more drugs, themselves, they may begin questioning what they are doing and make some small changes in their behavior. But it does take a very strong doctor to buck the system and actually recommend natural treatments to their patients. I don’t see a solution to the current health care crisis that will change the system short of all doctors being required to take courses in naturopathy.

Here is an email I received from a retired nurse who credits her improved health to ReMag and ReMyte. She calls herself my Delaware Magnesium Whisper. She says she is still giving out my Magnesium Miracle books to deserving people. She gave one to the head of pathology at her local hospital. He recently went off his statin drug because he developed peripheral neuropathy – likely caused by the drug. He is thinking about taking the newer cholesterol drug Zetia as it has a different mode of operation than statins. He wondered what I thought. Of course, I looked it up right away and saw that it is one of the MANY fluoride drugs on the market. Fluoride binds magnesium making it unavailable to the body! The MgFl2 compound that is produced is a brittle substance that deposits in bones and tissues making for the brittle bones and ruptured tendons that are side effects of these fluoride drugs – like Cipro. So, if this doctor took Zetia, his peripheral neuropathy would probably get worse and he could develop many other magnesium deficiency symptoms. Chemists may say that in a test tube fluoride drugs don’t break down into fluoride molecules BUT they are overlooking what the trillions of intestinal organisms (microbiome) do to drugs -BREAK THEM DOWN!!

My recommendations remain the same, take my Total Body ReSet formulas and build a healthier body that needs no medication. Below you will find my educational resources: newsletter, radio show, health library, online wellness course.

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