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You’ve Got Pain?

November 29, 2015

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, pain is a huge public health problem that costs the U.S. at least $560-$635 billion annually. The medical treatment for pain includes: surgery and pain injections, oral medication, physical therapy or chiropractic, psychological counseling and support, acupuncture, referral to other medical specialists

Someone recently asked me if ReMag could help treat a bone spur in his neck causing pinched nerve pain. This gentleman said he gets various, sudden twinges and pinching sensations, which doctors say is the bone spur pinching nerves.

Here’s what usually happens when you tell a doctor you have pain – they do an x-ray and if they find ANYTHING on the x-ray they say that’s the cause of your problem. Retired Rehabilitation Specialist, Dr. John Sarno says that pain very often DOES NOT match x-ray images. But you have the pain and now you have the x-rays that show you have a damaged body and Fear sets in and clinches the deal. How do you overcome the pain AND the fear?

Please go to Amazon and purchase Dr. John Sarno’s book – Healing Back Pain. While you’re there read a few of his 1,2000 customer reviews. The following 5 points are a very, very brief overview of Sarno’s approach.

1. Know Your Mind-Body Connection: Stress, perfectionism, or childhood trauma can cause physical pain. Acknowledge that and you can reduce your pain.

2. Tell Your Mind That Your Body is OK: this can stop the mind from continuing the cycle of pain.

3. Acknowledge The Psychological Basis For The Pain: Tell yourself “I would rather deal with the rage or fear than have the pain.”

4. Accept The Psychological Explanation As Normal For Healthy People In Our Society.

5. Sarno says: “For some people, simply shifting attention from the physical to the psychological will do the trick. Others need more information on how the strategy works. By making people aware of what is going on both physically and psychologically, we frustrate the brain’s strategy.”

Sarno says most pain is a result of TMS (tension myoneural syndrome), which medicine ignores. But I agree with Sarno. Myo means muscle and neural means nerves; so most pain is tension in the muscles and nerves. Sarno says muscles and nerves get tense from stress and psychological trauma. That is true but there is also magnesium deficiency. And magnesium deficiency causes muscle and nerve spasm and pain.

Back to bone spurs in the neck – bone spurs are calcium build up, which means magnesium deficiency. Bone spurs are not sawing back and forth on raw nerves – if that were happening, the pain would be constant and worsening. For the most part, muscles go into spasm to protect nerves but end up periodically pinching them off and causing intermittent pain.

Oral ReMag and spraying it on painful sites may be all you require to treat your pain. Take Louise, who calls in on my radio show; 20 minutes after her first dose of ReMag, her 20-year head pain from a motorcycle accident went away. But if you use ReMag and there is some residual pain – Sarno’s approach will definitely help. Also remember to hydrate and put sea salt in your water. See all this information in previous blogs or in my ReMag and ReMyte books.

While writing this blog I came across articles about prescription painkiller medication overdoses killing people. To combat prescription pain drug overdoses 17 states receiving multimillion grants. Of course, if that money were spent buying ReMag for people, we would save people’s health and their lives. Do everyone a great service and give my Total Body ReSet formulas as holiday gifts!

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