Magnesium in Coffee?

December 16, 2015

NutritionAction is a health activist site headed by vegetarian, Michael Jacobson PhD. Vegetarians promote a plant-based diet as the primary pathway to health. And some activists think that they are finally being heard – long after it’s too late to matter. It’s obvious that we are too late for a “dietary solution” to illness when presently Processed Foods Make Up 70% of the US Diet.

It’s also true that no matter how much of a food fascist you are – if the nutrients are NOT in the soil, then they are NOT in the food and no matter how much so-called “good food” you eat, it’s NOT going to give your body what it needs. Processing food into junk food makes the problem even worse.

What recently got me all worked up about the disinformation from the diet dictocrats is this Nov 25, 2015 article in NutritionAction called: Do you know how magnesium affects your risk of diabetes? Another reason to eat leafy greens and drink coffee!

First of all – leafy greens do not have enough magnesium in them to be of much help to your health. I’ve expressed this many times with my stories about raw foodists and green drink juicers who come to me with their heart palpitations and leg cramps. Even organic greens do not have magnesium if the soil on which they are grown has been depleted and not replenished with rock dust or the equivalent.

Sure, the biochemistry of green plants is just as the author of this article says “Magnesium is at the heart of the chlorophyll molecule, so every leafy green has it.” But how much it has is dictated by the amount in the soil.

In the NutritionAction article the author references a study by Dr. Adela Hruby called: Higher Magnesium Intake Reduces Risk of Impaired Glucose and Insulin Metabolism and Progression From Prediabetes to Diabetes in Middle-Aged Americans. He quotes Hruby saying “Whole grains and beans are also good sources. My favorite sources happen to be chocolate and coffee.” He then enthuses about coffee as a magnesium-rich food saying – “In fact, an 8 oz. cup of coffee has only 7 mg. But a  1 oz. shot of espresso, which is more concentrated, has 24 mg.”

To say that coffee can help you with your magnesium requirements is just plain wrong! Coffee is a well-known diuretic and appetite suppressant – you will lose magnesium in your urine the more coffee you drink and it stimulates your adrenals to spew out adrenaline that can overstimulate a magnesium-deficient heart making it fire off abnormal beats. Now, remember, this information is from a health activist site trying to get people to embrace vegetarianism to regain their health.

OK, you math whizzes out there – if you want to get a therapeutic amount of magnesium (600mg) from coffee how much would you have to drink?


Do you see the RED that I’m seeing when I come across an article subtitled: “Another reason to eat leafy greens and drink coffee!”

The only reason for such a dramatic headline is that nutritional sites like this one are trying to grab the attention of a reading public that’s swamped with too much information. And it works, because if there is a possibility that you can feel less guilty about needing your Starbucks to wake you up and keep you going through the day, you will grab onto it.

Of course, I think it’s irresponsible journalism to not complete the thought and do the research on coffee to realize it’s going to deplete more magnesium that you will ever get from it.

Then there is the fact that what you really need is a good magnesium supplement as a natural energy booster. The Krebs Cycle makes ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy molecules and requires magnesium for 6 out of 8 of its biochemical steps. No amount of coffee can make that happen.

But that’s not the conclusion of the NutritionAction writer or the researcher, Dr. Hruby. Here’s what NutritionAction says about magnesium supplements: “Taking a magnesium supplement does have a drawback: more than 350 mg a day from pills may cause diarrhea. That’s not a problem with the magnesium in foods.: And Hruby says “You can’t get too much magnesium from foods.”

As for the part about diabetes, since I’ve ranted on through this whole blog, just google my name and magnesium and you will come across a dozen blogs that I’ve already written.

And to get the therapeutic magnesium you require without the laxative effect – just take my ReMag and encourage your local organic farmers to put rock dust on their soil!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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