Physician Burnout

December 8, 2015

You may feel you are burned-out, and you might even go to your doctor for advice. But did you even stop to think about the burnout status of your doctor? I was surprised to learn that the doctor burnout rate is at an all time high of 55%. That’s right 55% of all doctors – need to see a doctor! You can access the article on Medscape.

The lead researcher said that American medicine is at a tipping point and his survey shows that patient safety is compromised and something needs to be done to change in our health care system. He cited vague reasons like – inefficiencies, administrative burden, and inflexibility as being problematic. The stats show that 46.9% of physicians scored high for emotional exhaustion, 34.6% for depersonalization, and 16.3% had a low score for personal accomplishment. 60% of practitioners said their schedules did not leave sufficient time for personal and family life.

In order to be accepted into medical school, students have to score high in mental health profiles but within 1 or 2 years of med school, their scores drop and once they begin practice, “physicians have high degrees of burnout and dissatisfaction with work-life integration.”

The study was intent on creating statistics, and like most of this type of research it gives absolutely no reasons for the problem and no answers. And there probably are no answers to be found within the medical establishment because it’s worked itself into an impossible corner.

Since Medicare was introduced in the 1960s, government and insurance companies have been paying the medical bills so they control the medical “products” allowing consumers no say in the process. Just look at the term “consumer.” Patients are no longer patients, they are consumers in an industry that participates in the business of medicine.

This blog has a very simple message. Patients are not happy and doctors aren’t happy. I wouldn’t be happy either if every patient that came to see me was taking drugs that were not “curing” them. In fact, doctors are not even allowed to use the word cure! And how can there be a cure when most drugs suppress symptoms and cause side effects that may be worse then the disease?

Unlike most doctors, I am extremely happy. Every day I receive emails from people telling me how their lives have been saved by following the simple advice I give for hydration, remineralization, detoxification and making perfect cells with my Total Body ReSet formulas. If you haven’t already, go to the RnA ReSet website and pick up the free eBooks under the Info link and click on my radio show and listen live or to the archives.

Do your homework and see how easy it is to take care of your health. And remember, the holidays are a great time to share the Total Body ReSet formula solution with friends and family.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future™

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